Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tangerine Dream – Zeit (1972)

Country: Germany

1. Birth Of Liquid Plejades 20:00
2. Nebulous Dawn 18:00
3. Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities 20:12
4. Zeit 17:43

Tangerine Dream reached the height of their early experimentation with their third studio album Zeit.
"Zeit" is the German word for time and time seems to stand almost still during this long four tracks.
The album takes on an entirely different direction than the psychedelic acid kraut-rock
elements of Tangerine Dream's first releases.
Slow moving parts,dark sonic atmosphere,lots of spacy electronic effects,eerie cello lines,
all creating the perfect soundtrack for cosmic voyages. A "Largo in four movements", as it is subtitled.
As explained in the liner notes for the 2002 remaster reissue:
"Zeit was based on the philosophy that time was in fact motionless and only existed in our own minds."
And continues:
"Just as something is about to happen, it doesn't."
A musical visualization of the vast atmospheres of outer space.