Thursday, 27 October 2011

Άβατον – Eξ Aδοκήτω (1996)

Country: Greece

1. With a Few Celestial Words I Shall Begin 08:13
2. 02 I Do Not Wish I Were Wealthy 10:49
3. Melpeia 05:07
4. Aloessa 04:10
5. To My Hetaerae 07:18
6. For Those Who Lead A Happy Life 05:29
7. Hymenaon (Wedding Song) 07:52
8. Bacchus 08:22
9. Simoun 10:00
10. The Love For The Sun 06:08

Avaton formed in 1988 when Ιωάννης Παπαδάκης met Παναγιώτη Ξυδιά and they decided to join forces.
The band was discovered by Μάνος Χατζιδάκις, one of the most famous Greek musicians, 
who signed them and released their first self titled album through his label "Seirios" in 1991.
Two years later they recorded their second album "Ερως Αελίω",while in 1996 they released their
grand opus "Εξ Αδοκήτω" which made everybody talking about "The Greek Dead Can Dance".
Avaton was becoming on stage a 14 piece band trying to achieve an atmosphere of oriental mystery.
Having played live in many Greek festivals and other countries,
also writing musical scores for theatrical performances,
in 2001 they released their fourth album "Κόσμον", featuring Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas.
After "Κόσμον" they disbanded and in 2003 Ιωάννης Παπαδάκης 
released his personal album "Εξ-Άβατον",
while Παναγιώτης Ξυδιάς continues (as Pan. Kaperneka)
in bands Ghi & Thalassa(Earth & Sea) and Palyrria.
In "Εξ Αδοκήτω" (Unforeseen As It Was) you can hear musical influences from classical,
ancient Greek music,Armenian,Indian,middle east passages and jazz improvisations.
A mix of Byzantine music and traditional instruments with modern instrumentation.
The characteristic voice of Παναγιώτη Ξυδιά is floating over the compositions,
invoking the spirits of ancient times as he is capable of singing in Byzantine and Indian modes.
The lyrics are written in ancient Greek language and based on poems of the ancient Greek poet Σαπφώ.

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