Saturday, 28 February 2015

Noise Unit ‎– Drill (1996)

Country: Canada

1. The Drain 06:43
2. Dominator 05:35
3. Prostitute 06:31
4. Miracle 06:42
5. Eye Burner 07:10
6. Sloth 06:44
7. Neuron 05:25
8. Other World 06:07
9. Penance 06:03

Noise Unit is a Canadian industrial band, founded by Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly as a side project.
The band has seen several changes in line-up, with Bill Leeb being the only permanent member. 

The first album, Grinding into Emptiness, was released in 1989 
and arose from the collaboration between Leeb and Marc Verhaeghen of Belgian industrial band Klinik
The 1990 follow-up, Response Frequency, was the last release to feature Verhaeghen until 1996 
and included Rhys Fulber who would remain with the band for the next three albums.  
Verhaeghen resumed his collaboration with Noise Unit for the 1996 album Drill 
which also featured members of German industrial band Haujobb
After an eight year hiatus Leeb teamed with former Front Line Assembly member Chris Peterson to release Voyeur in 2005. 
In 2014, Front Line Assembly announced on their official website that a new Noise Unit album is in the works 
and the line-up is the same as on Front Line Assembly album Echogenetic.


Friday, 27 February 2015

Borknagar ‎– Borknagar (1996)

Country: Norway

1. Vintervredets Sjelesagn 06:44
2. Tanker Mot Tind (Kvelding) 03:29
3. Svartskogs Gilde 05:52
4. Ved Steingard 02:14
5. Krigsstev 02:03
6. Dauden 05:49
7. Grimskalle Trell 05:38
8. Nord Naagauk 03:07
9. Fandens Allheim 06:19
10. Tanker Mot Tind (Gryning) 02:57

Borknagar was founded in 1995 by Øystein Garnes Brun, then a member of the Norwegian death metal band Molested
when he became tired of the brutal aspects of the band's music. 
Øystein formed Borknagar to explore a more melodic outlet of expression, inspired by the black metal movement 
Norway was experiencing and looking to push the boundaries of what was considered "traditional" black metal music. 
He wrote all of the music and lyrics, and gathered together an all-star group of black metal musicians to play in his band, 
such as Infernus of Gorgoroth, Grim of Immortal and Gorgoroth, and Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved
When Garm of Ulver and Arcturus joined the project, it brought the band immediate attention. 
Borknagar never recorded a demo, they simply asked for a record contract on Malicious Records 
and were granted their request based on the strength of this lineup. 
With their debut, self-titled album, the band began as a melodic Viking/black metal outfit, but with The Olden Domain 
and all albums following it, an evolution of a more progressive approach to Viking-themed metal began to appear.
Borknagar has released nine albums to date.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Disembowelment ‎– Transcendence Into The Peripheral (1993)

Country: Australia

1. The Tree Of Life And Death 10:25
2. Your Prophetic Throne Of Ivory 07:40
3. Excoriate 04:45
4. Nightside Of Eden 02:39
5. A Burial At Ornans 14:38
6. The Spirits Of The Tall Hills 09:22
7. Cerulean Transience Of All My Imagined Shores 10:07

Australian death/doom band formed in 1989. 
They recorded two demos, an EP and one full-length album before breaking up in 1993. 
Two members continued to play Disembowelment songs live under the name d.USK
and later formed another band in a similar style called Inverloch.
The band was known for its atmospheric chanting, slow riffs and spiritual dark elements 
present in their symphonic, heavily distorted style.
During their time in Disembowelment, Renato Gallina and Matthew Skarajew 

formed a tribal/ambient band called Trial Of The Bow which is currently active.