Saturday, 30 June 2012

Danse Macabre – Totentanz (1998)

Country: Belgium

1. Dust Of Centuries 04:02
2. Totentanz 03:52
3. Death Is Midsummer 04:22
4. Gott Ist Tot (Where Science Prevailed) 04:06
5. Jester's Farewell (Solitude) 05:06
6. Decline Of Romanticism 04:01
7. Tristesse (Of Cardinals And Skeletons) 04:57
8. Ignorance Is Bliss (Di Talem Terris Avertite Pestem) 03:36
9. Overture To The Sun (Finsternis) - Instrumental 01:47
10. Megalomania 03:40
11. Psychopompos 02:28
12. A Dream Within A Dream 04:28

Gothic metal with Gunther Theys (Ancient Rites) on vocals 
and Jan "Orkki" Yrlund (Lacrimosa, Two Witches) on guitars, bass, programming and keyboards.
A band that started as a TransEuropean project with Gunther Theys, Magus Wampyr Daoloth (Necromantia) 
and Sotiris Vagenas (Septic Flesh).
There were some past interviews stated that Mortiis was going to participated 
in this project (or maybe another?) but this never came true.
With this line up they recorded in 1995 two amazing tracks (Psychopompos and A Dream Within A Dream) 
that were supposed to be released as a 7" ep on Molon Lave Records 
but since the label ceased to exist the record never saw the light of day.
(These were included in Totentanz as bonus tracks).
Since then the project was put on ice until 1997 where Gunther introduced to musicians 
interested in continuing Danse Macabre's work.

:wumpscut: ‎– Embryodead (1997)

Country: Germany

1. Golgotha 06:26
2. Embryodead 05:27
3. Down Where We Belong 03:39
4. Slave To Evil 04:23
5. War 04:43
6. Is It You 05:19
7. Pest 04:38
8. Womb 04:54
9. Angel 04:25
10. Stillbirth 06:24

:wumpscut: is an electro-industrial music project from Germany.
It was founded in May 1991 by Bavarian disc jockey Rudolf "Rudy" Ratzinger.
Embryodead features high quality dark-industrial (also some dancy EBM parts to it) 
with lots of harsh vocals, killer music and distorted beats.
The Memory link is for the 2004 re-release and contains two bonus tracks.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

N.A.O.S. ‎– The Final Harvest (1995)

Country: Greece

1. Cyberwar 05:54
2. Brother Satan (Eshatologia Part I) 05:40
3. The Final Harvest (The Rebuilding Of Ur) 05:48
4. Invictus 04:17
5. Eshaton (Eshatologia Part II) 05:16
6. Foetus Of A Lunar Dimension 05:03
7. The Black Opal 04:25
8. Survival 03:50
9. The Sorrows Of Satan 05:01

N.A.O.S. is an one-man-project of Magus Wampyr Daoloth of Necromantia.
The debut album "The Final Harvest" was composed, performed, recorded and mixed 
at Storm Studio in autumn '93 - winter '94. 
It was released in 1995 through German label Itsemuhra Arts and the LP version by Dark Side Records.
The music here is not Black Metal but Gothic - Darkwave
The vocals are mostly spoken words varied from clean ones to more deep or distorted ones 
and the lyrics are dealing with satanism and individualism. 
The atmosphere is a very dark one, based mainly to the haunting keyboard melodies 
(once more some eastern influences are noticeable) of Magus Wampyr Daoloth and the slow beats. 
The album is very close to the haunting atmosphere of the first Diabolos Rising album "666",
if you remove the guitars and the vocals of course, and also both of these albums
are sharing a common track "Eshaton (Eshatologia Part II)", known as " Χ - Ξ - ΣΤ' " on the Diabolos Rising album.
All lyrics are written by Magus Wampyr Daoloth except "Invictus" by W.C. Henley.


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Kode IV ‎– Best Of... Compilation (1996)

Country: Belgium

1. Fearless (Original Mix) 08:17
2. Dissolve (Vapour Space Mix) 06:03
3. Possessed (Voodoo Mix) 05:55
4. Disobey (Vagator Mix) 05:53
5. Scratch Attack (Final Cut) 05:37
6. Accelerate (Anjuna Mix) 06:46
7. Faust (Erster Teil) 06:17
8. Utilize (Hidden Powers Mix) 06:07
9. The Ultimate Goal (Silicon Civilisation Mix) 06:08
10. Near To The Divine (Official Doof Mix) 07:20

Kode IV formed in Belgium in the late 80's by Hans Schiller and Peter Ziegelmeier as an electro-industrial band.
They began releasing rhythmic sample-laden industrial dance as Kode IV on Belgium’s KK Records in 1990.
 Their signature sound was the extensive use of samples layered upon heavy drum machine loops in each song. 
The samples were used not only to create a good dancey track but also a distinct message and theme in each song. 
Hans Schiller passed away in 1994, but Peter Ziegelmeier continued the band adding Ariane MacAvoy and Goa Gil 
for a short time, developing it into its current goa trance style without the dominant use of samples.