Friday, 15 December 2017

Infernal – Infernal (MCD 1999)

Country: Sweden

1. Requiem (The Coming Of The Age Of Satan) 04:40
2. Wrath Of The Infernal One 03:56
3. Storms Of Armaggedon 04:07
4. Under The Hellsign 03:18

Infernal was a Swedish black metal band based in Stockholm.
It was formed in 1997 by David Parland (aka Blackmoon), 
who teamed up with ex-Dark Funeral colleague and vocalist Themgoroth (Paul Mäkitalo),
 to create a band both similar to and more brutal and extreme than Dark Funeral
which Blackmoon had left in mid 1996.
The band released two EPs during 1999-2002 and was put on-hold from 2003 to mid 2008.
David Parland re-formed the band in late 2008 with drummer Tomas Asklund.
Infernal's new musical direction showcased a slightly more accessible sound than the first two EPs, 
and the new musical direction was more along older death/black metal and not as blastbeat-oriented as the old Infernal while there were plans for a full-length album and possible live gigs.
On May 2, 2010, Goathorned Productions released the EP "The Infernal Return" that featured 3 tracks recorded early 2009.
A demo entitled "Hellhymns" was the last recording before the upcoming release of the full-length album 
that was scheduled for late 2010 or early 2011.
On March 19, 2013, founder David Parland committed suicide, putting an end to the band.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Memorandum – Ars Moriendi (1994)

Country: Sweden

1. Malebolge 05:48
2. Where The Dead Lost Their Bones 05:41
3. New Primitivism 04:31
4. Despite 02:59
5. Pura Dalem 04:05
6. A Harsh Grating Death 01:35
7. Drums Of Agony 05:20
8. No Pain Or Pleasure 05:39
9. Carnage Of Ragnarök 03:08
10. Inner Sanctum 04:44
11. Voodoo Tribal Ritual 04:34
12. Taurobolium 03:32
13. Insecticide 02:06
14. Exterminans 03:27
15. The Caved Mask 03:24
16. The Dead Remains 02:44
17. Esthetiks Of Cruelty 04:05
18. Insecticide II 07:12

Memorandum was one of the early artists on Sweden's Cold Meat Industry label.
The band was the solo tribal/industrial project of Petter Marklund
who was also a member of Sepulchre Inc. and XXX Atomic Toejam at the time.
Memorandum released "Aux Morts" album in 1989 and a 12'' ep in 1990 entitled "Ichor".
In 1994 Cold Meat Industry and Apocalyptic Vision teamed up to release "Ars Moriendi" compilation 
that featured their first two releases plus unreleased material.
The project disappeared suddenly around 1994.
Later, after the end of Memorandum, Marklund went on to be a part of Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects band.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Amedeo Tommasi – La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono (1976)

Composer: Amedeo Tommasi

1. Titoli 02:39
2. Tema D'amore 1 02:13
3. In Chiesa 01:32
4. Tema D'amore 2 03:07
5. Titoli Finali 02:01

"The House With Laughing Windows" (Italian title: La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono) is a 1976 Italian giallo film 
co-written and directed by Pupi Avati, also known to horror film fans for his movie "Zeder" (1983).
The movie was nominated for the International Fantasy Film Award for Best Film at Fantasporto 
and since then has become a cult classic.
Italian jazz pianist Amedeo Tommasi was the composer of the soundtrack that has never released officially.
Thought one the most talented pianist of his generation, Tommasi came to light in 1960, 
during a radio transmission entitled "La Coppa Di Jazz".
Before dedicating himself to modern jazz, he used to play the trombone in the Dixieland "Panigal Jazz Band" of Bologna.
In the late sixties, Tommasi began composing film music and after some minor films, 
he collaborated for about 10 years with the director Pupi Avati , writing the music of many of his films.
Also for over 20 years Tommasi collaborated with Ennio Morricone providing electronic sound material for his films, 
and subsequently worked with him on the music of Giuseppe Tornatore's "The Legend Of 1900".
For this film, Tommasi composed 8 songs, including the famous "Magic Waltz" and "Danny's Blues", 
and appeared in a small cameo as a piano tuner.
Amedeo Tommasi began his teaching career with the teaching of Jazz harmony at the St. Louis music school in Rome.
In 2010 he participated in the documentary film "Pupi Avati, Yesterday Today Tomorrow" by Claudio Costa
dedicated to the director who launched him as a film composer.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Stromlinie – Tunnel (10'' EP 1996)

Country: Germany

1. Tunnel 08:38
2. Kanal 04:56
3. Ursprung 03:27
4. U-Bahn-Fahrt 04:35
5. Windkanal 04:25

Nicky Lahne is the main person behind this German project from the city of Magdeburg.
"Tunnel" ep was Lahne's first release that was written and performed through 1995-'96 
and was released as a collaboration between Ant-Zen and Emty Music labels on a limited edition of 495 copies.
The project is still active today but the musical direction has changed leaning to a more electronic break-beat style.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Umbra – Ater (1999)

Country: Poland

 1. Evil Rules 02:18
2. Ashes 05:52
3. Bitters 04:26
4. No Sun 04:43
5. Fobia 05:59
6. Utter Darkness 05:13
7. Terror 02:56
8. The Realm 02:40
9. Din 06:08

 Umbra is a Polish dark ambient band that created in 1998 in in Zielona Gora.
The group was formed by vocalist Eliza (aka eLL

and keyboardist Maciej Niedzielski (mostly known as a member of the band Artrosis).
The band's first album "Ater" was released in 1999 by the Fluttering Dragon Records label.
In 2002 a split album entitled "Possum Play Falcon" with the Norwegian band Ildfrost was released.
Soon after, the band changed the name from Umbra to Sui Generis Umbra.
That same year, the group signed a deal with Metal Mind Productions, and released their album "Coma".
A year later, eLL starred in the independent film titled "Intellect Kollapse

that was directed by Geryon, the leader of the group Profanum, and released in 2005 on DVD.
In 2004 , the group's third album, "Amok", was released and was followed by shows at Castle Party Festival (Poland) 

and Menuo Juodaragis Festival (Lithuania).
Since then eLL has moved to Scotland and the band has made a few live appearances in festivals 

while some tracks have been created but the plans for the new release are still unknown.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

XIII – Salt (1994)

Country: Iceland

1. Zoot 06:20
2. Ghost 05:53
3. Cat 03:40
4. Thirteen 03:59
5. Hammer Down 05:23
6. Home 03:10
7. Pupate 04:43
8. Slavedriver 04:45
9. Crime 05:14
10. Serpents Child 01:12
11. Moon 05:24
12. Family Affairs 05:35
13. Necropolis 06:52

XIII (aka 13, Thirteen) was founded in 1993 by Hallur Ingólfsson.
The band released its first album in 1994 entitled “Salt”.
The music was dark and heavy and had an immediate place in the international alternative/rock scene.
In 1996 “Serpentyne” was released and introduced a slightly more refined sound but still quite dark and demanding.
In 1997 the band went on a very successful tour around Germany to support the album.
After the tour the band went on hiatus and was not active until 2002 when it released it’s third album “Magnifico Nova”.
Again the album received favorable reviews and the album was very successful in the European market.
In 2009 the band resumed work and has since been very active on the rock scene in Iceland.
On the 13th of September 2010 XIII’s latest release, "Black Box", was launched.
"Black Box" is a double album including a collection of XIII’s best songs of the first three albums 
together with 6 brand new songs as well as a remake of the "Wishbone" song from "Magnifico Nova".
At the same time XIII’s complete back catalog was remastered and re-released in digital format.
In addition to this the band is hard at work playing live and working on writing material for its next album.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Morthem Vlade Art – Herbo Dou Diable (1997)

Country: France

1. Leaving The Womb - Ouverture 05:05
2. Ripallus 01:04
3. Beyond Sorrow 05:17
4. Salem 07:25
5. Barbaric Breath 05:30
6. Cortege I (Chimaera's Den) 02:35
7. The Unnameable 02:00
8. Demons Of Buried Joys 05:24
9. Surrender 06:52
10. Cortege II 02:39
11. Closer To Me 04:42
12. Endless Dream 03:34
13. Dor Mee Än - Finale 03:59

Formed in 1995 by Gregg Anthe and Emmanuelle D.
Morthem Vlade Art gained a substantial place for itself within the dark movement with its first album 
"Herbo Dou Diable" (1997) a baroque style alternation of neo-classical atmospheres, 
industrial percussions and strong gothic-rock songs with staggered rhythmics.
Without disowning its roots, MVA lets itself be carried along by its many musical, literary and films inspirations.
The result is "Organic But Not Mental" (2000) an album that demonstrates this point very well in the way 
that it turns over a new leaf and gives up the gothic-rock influences.
Just like its title, it is punctuated with electronic atmospheres of symphonic overtones, 
weird samples and distructured industrial songs.
Then, 2001 sees the birth of "Antechamber", made of aerial electronics minimalism carried by raw voices.
In 2002, the group will sign on the American label Luminal Records for the release of a first compilation "Slow Wave Sleep".
"Photography In Things" (2003), MVA's fourth album, is entirely synthetic,
that is led by the absence of acoustic instruments with a few rare exceptions.
Here the band is blending elaborate electronica, eighties sounds and industrial rhythmics.
In 2004 they completed their fifth album entitled "Absente Terebenthine".
Through loads of rhythms and new-wave melodies, this new album presents a mixture of various music genres 
leading to the future with an incredible coherence: distorted industrial and acoustic ambiance 
with electronic songs gathered together in a rock entity.
In 2005 "Autopsy", a compilation of their early works, compiling the first three demos of the group 
("Order Of The Fly",  "Azazel" and "Allegory Of Putrefaction"), was released.
In the same year however, Gregg and Emmanuelle decided to end the band.
To highlight that sad decision they decided to play one last live show,
co-headlining a festival in Luxembourg on November 26th 2005.
"Uncertain Days - Best Of 1997-2005", that was released on March 30th 2007 its a two CD set, 
with many unreleased mixes and highly seeked songs for the first time ever on CD.
Gregg is meanwhile working on his solo projects In Broken English and HNN (Hsilgne Nekorb Ni)
while Emmanuelle is writing her first book.