Sunday, 10 September 2017

F/i ‎– Paradise Out Here (1989)

Country: United States

1. From Poppy With Love 07:33
2. The House Of The Pharaoh's Daughter 07:24
3. The Ninth Corner 06:31
4. Om 21 18:41
5. Satellite Surfer (Bonus Track) 03:29
6. Five Crowns Of The Saxon King (Bonus Track) 05:59

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA situated F/i was founded in 1981.
They was also known as The Surfin' Führers before changing their name to F/i.
The band started producing several cassette releases first.
The early material was harsh, experimental noise structures in the tradition of Throbbing Gristle or Nurse With Wound.
In 1987 with the release of "Why Not Now?...Alan!" album 
the band started to show the first changes to a more rocking musical style.
"Space Mantra" that was followed in 1988 was influenced by the industrial/power sound of the days provided with references to krautrock acts like Faust and Neu!.
"Paradise Out Here" was originally released on LP in 1989 on Human Wrechords
limited to 300 copies, while the CD remastered version was released in 2006, through Lexicon Devil
featuring two bonus tracks, an alternate cover artwork and slightly changed track titles.
Here the band presented a mix of drone experimental space rock with influences from Hawkwind and Spacemen 3.
Band member Richard Franecki went on with his new project Vocokesh in 1990 
but returned in 2003 with the release of "A Question For The Somnambulist" album.
The band is still active with Richard Franecki, Brian Wensing and Grant Richter as the core 
supported by Jay Tiller (drums) and Russ T. (bass).

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Cryptic – A Northern Wind Of Holocaust (Demo 1994)

Country: Sweden

1. A Northern Wind Of Holocaust 01:13
2. A Blaze From The Pagan Moon 03:25
3. Diabolical Landscapes 03:36
4. A Frozen Shadow 04:32

Cryptic was a Swedish black metal band that formed in 1992.
Their line up featured Thypheus (Thornium, ex-Cabal) and Eliphas (Ulverheim, Deletion, ex-Thornium, ex-Cabal).
The band released only one demo in 1994 entitled "A Northern Wind Of Holocaust".
After the release of the demo the two main band member joined their forces once again with Thornium 
and after that they separated parts and each one continued with their own projects.

Friday, 1 September 2017

SAGRAMON ‎– Terra Subterrana (Demo 1999)

Country: Czech Republic

1. Occam´s Razor 01:28
2. In The Labyrinth No One Hears You Scream 15:09
3. Viracocha Transformer 08:12
4. Open Grave 04:51
5. Morehedmoodus 06:59
6. Hormone Heresy 02:00

SAGRAMON was the project of Rene Dorian Schwarz.
Rene was born in Trutnov and after the Velvet Revolution he moved to Britain and lived in London for 10 years.
After returning to the Czech Republic he founded the label Cryptosonic.
"Terra Subterrana" was his first demo release and deals with the solitude of man.
The band released through 2000 to 2005 four albums and one split with Encomiast.
Apart from SAGRAMON, Rene was also involved with the projects Mahatma and M.A.G.O.T.H..

Friday, 18 August 2017

Book Of Wisdom ‎– Catacombs (1993)

Country: Germany

1. Wir Vergeh'N Wie Rauch In Starken Winden 02:50
2. Parentatio 01:40
3. Catacombs 11:27
4. Soul Extinguished 05:03
5. Estampie 04:04
6. Gia Ebbi Liberate 03:21
7. Crypt 43 09:47
8. Acheron 05:54

Book Of Wisdom was a dark ambient/experimental group from Germany, 
founded in 1991 by Superior Mario Herold (with studies in human science and history) 
and Cantatrice J. Limbecker (with studies in human science and literature).
Mario Herold was also involved in the project Diés 
and released a couple of albums and some split releases in early nineties.
"Catacombs" was originally released in 1993 through Nature & Art in A5 cassette packaging 
and reissued a year later in CD format.
Book Of Wisdom was mostly active in the early nineties, releasing four albums, and then almost disappeared 
but they came back in 2005 after a long time of silence releasing their last album entitled "Ultra".
Since then the band has not given any sign of existence.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Nepenthe – The Conqueror Worm (Demo 1993)

Country: United States

1. The Conqueror Worm 04:14
2. Gleaming Eyes Of Darkness 04:38
3. On The Cheek Of An Eternity 04:35
4. Gleaming Eyes Of Darkness (Live Bonus Track) 04:55

Nepenthe was a black/death metal band from Kansas City, Missouri that formed in 1992.
"The Conqueror Worm" was their first demo tape and released in 1993 featuring three songs.
After this release their vocalist Joe Gameson left the band and went ahead to form Serapis.
This line up change forced their bassist Alex Blume to handle the lead vocals.
By 1995 the single ep "Ligeia" had been recorded and featured a re-recorded version
of the demo song "The Conqueror Worm" and a cover of "In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead" by Tiamat.
In February 1995, Nepenthe played their only gig which was made available as the "Live At Howard's" tape
containing the previously mentioned Tiamat cover and also one of Sathanas.
For the rest of the year the band was mostly dormant, and it was also around that time
that Alex Blume (Ares Kingdom, Blasphemic Cruelty) departed and the remaining two members,  
Chris Overton and Patrick Brown (ex-King Carnage, Howls Of Ebb), continued under the name Ligeia.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Empaligon ‎– Black Dominated Annihilation (1999)

Country: Germany

1. Blackterror Of War 04:43
2. Dimensions Of Blood 05:25
3. Infernal Shadow 04:21
4. Empire Of Satan 06:12
5. Reign In Fire 03:59
6. Unhallowed Spheres 06:17
7. Storms Of Holocaust 03:18
8. Lakes Of Lava 05:51
9. I Am Universe 05:36

Empaligon was a black metal band from Bavaria Germany.
They formed in 1996 and released a demo in 1998 ("Into Blackening Chaos"), 
a full length in 1999 ("Black Dominated Annihilation") and a split with Triumvirat Xul in 2001.
The band here performs ultra fast cold black metal, in the vein of Immortal's "Battles In The North",
with very good aggressive vocals.
The album was released originally through Metal Age Recordings 
and re-released in 2003 through Autopsy Stench Records with a different cover.
Their line up featured Imperator Odium (vocals, guitars), Eternal (drums) and Nihilez (guitars).

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Nux Vomica – Casting A Dream To The Sea (1993)

Country: United States

1. Untitled 05:56
2. Untitled 09:56
3. Untitled 03:20
4. Untitled 07:12
5. Untitled 04:31
6. Untitled 05:46
7. Untitled 24:44

Nux Vomica is a sound art musical trio based in San Francisco, California, USA.
The present members have been performing together for the past seven years,
each with a unique and active history within the experimental music field.
Nux Vomica utilize sound processing, electronics sounds and aural sculpture 
to achieve a unique and trance like sound environment.
The sounds travel from peaceful to terrifying containing elements from the ethno-influenced to industrial 
and create a personal soundtrack for the individual listener.
Nux Vomica has involved themselves in the recording of at least 12 releases within the US 
and three available on cassette labels within Italy and Sweden and the U.K.
Their pieces have appeared on over 30 experimental music compilations.
They have contributed to soundtracks of films and have produced several experimental films themselves 
as part of their multi media performances.
These performances usually include the utilization of sound and vision for the purpose of allowing the audience to drift beyond the performance space to become more involved mentally with the performance.
"Casting A Dream To The Sea" was originally released by the Swedish label Börft Records on cassette,
licensed from Auricular Records (founded by members of the band in 1989)
and later in 2012 was reissued as a digital release with slightly different track order and different track durations.