Sunday, 31 December 2017

Memories Yet To Come 2017

In alphabetical order:

1. Adzalaan - Adzalaan (Demo 2017)
2. Almyrkvi - Umbra (Full-length 2017)
3. Archmage - Legends (Demo 2017)
4. Bestia Arcana - Holókauston (Full-length 2017)
5. Black Blood Invocation - Atavistic Offerings To The Sabbatic Goat (Cassette EP 2017)
6. Burial Well - Past Lives (EP 2017)
7. Caedes Cruenta - Recitation Of Abyssic Necropsalms (7'' EP 2017)
8. Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun (Full-length 2017)
9. Chöd - Bardo Thodol (2 CD Compilation 2017)
10. Deinonychus - Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide (Full-length 2017)
11. Disharmony - Goddamn The Sun (Full-length 2017)
12. DSKNT - PhSPHR Entropy (Full-length 2017)
13. Eden - The Edge Of Winter (Full-length 2017)
14. Five The Hierophant - Over Phlegethon (Full-length 2017)
15. Grav - Projektioner Af Död (Full-length 2017)
16. Grave Pleasures - Motherblood (Full-length 2017)
17. Grinning Death's Head - Blood War (Full-length 2017)
18. Kwade Droes - Kwade Droes (7'' EP 2017)
19. Malefic Levitation - The Ancient Plague (Cassette EP 2017)
20. Mortiis - The Unraveling Mind (Full-length 2017)
21. Natvre's - Early Cvlts (Full-length 2017)
22. Nergal - Νύκτα γεμάτη θάματα-νύκτα σπαρμένη μάγια (Full-length 2017)
23. Rope Sect - Personae Ingratae (Cassette EP 2017)
24. Sanctuaire - Feu Sacré (Cassette EP 2017)
25. Shrine Of Orpheus - Λυκόφως (Cassette EP 2017)
26. Tchornobog - Tchornobog (Full-length 2017)
27. Theurgia - Genómasis (Mini CD 2017)
28. Tobias Lilja - Little Nightmares (Original Soundtrack 2017)
29. Urarv - Aurum (Full-length 2017)
30. Ühtceare - La Inexorable Amargura En La Existencia (Demo 2017)

Monday, 25 December 2017

Aardia – Embraced By Fear (Demo 1999)

Country: Sweden

1. The Lightning 04:01
2. Old Forgotten Times 02:56
3. Embraced By Fear 04:13
4. Magic Forces 03:43

Aardia is a medieval/dungeon synth/ambient project from Stockholm, Sweden , 
founded by Patric Söderlund and Daniel Johnsson in 1998.
The music brings influences from the medieval age, fantasy, horror films and classical orchestra music.
Aardia's major inspirations comes from H.P. Lovecraft, Tolkien
and musicians like Carl Orff, Ennio Morricone and Fabio Frizzi.
The band has released two demos, "Embraced By Fear" (1999) and "Fairy Tales From Beyond" (2002), 
and a full-length album in 2011 entitled "Conquest Of The Ancient Halls".
Apart from their albums Aardia has also composed soundtracks for the movies "Die Zombiejäger" (2005) 

and "Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer" (2010).
In 2013 the band started working on a new album entitled "A Journey To The Unknown

but no news have surfaced about it since then.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

MØHR – How To Make Darkness Visible (7'' EP 1993)

Country: Germany

1. Inter-Sense 08:10
2. Collected Light 08:53

Andreaz Vogel is an active musician, producer, video-artist, writer, painter and publisher since the mid-80s.
Beside his musical projects he was owner of the defunct "ZNS Tapes
and the almost active "Gewalt Am Objekt" label.
He's also writing for the German counterculture magazine "Auf Abwegen".
MØHR is one of his musical projects that started experiment with strange sounds and noises back in 1986, 
with the strict principle, not to use conventional instruments to create a special wall of sound.
Mainly tape-machines and effects are responsible for the dense sound, always under the musician's control.
"How To Make Darkness Visible" presents two tracks of droning, pulsating and vibrating low industrial/noise.
The ep was released in August 1993 in an edition of 200 copies, 
in a handmade leather-wax-sleeve through the German Drone Records.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Pilori – Feuilles Tombantes (1999)

Country: Germany

1. La Naissance Pour Des Riens 01:18
2. Maple Leaf 04:10
3. Thorns 03:36
4. Talking About Wolves 04:04
5. Morgenwind 01:06
6. Dark Clouds Over Green Meadows 04:16
7. The Burden 04:29
8. Kassiopeia 05:05
9. Deceptive Appearance 04:32
10. 1927 03:11
11. Les Yeux Fermés 03:32
12. Daz Heydenkreutz 05:25
13. Le Soleil Et La Lune 03:41

After the breakup of his metal band Desolated, Gernot Musch was looking for a new musical activity.
What first started for fun in the living room then soon developed into a creative band project 
with Marion who completed Gernot's compositions with her vocals.
In 1998 their demo cd "Soufre" was released and their music rapidly found fans within the gothic scene.
Only few months later Trisol released Pilori's first official album "Feuilles Tombantes".
The band soon played concerts all over Europe together with well-known artists from the scene.
During the years quite a number of musicians contributed to their releases as well as joined them on stage.
Especially Inge and her beautiful viola melodies shaped the music of Pilori.
Th band ended around 2009 with the release of their last album "Until The Day Dawn".
Today Marion and Gernot are still actively into music with several projects and cooperations.
Marion is currently working on a crossover project with Indian and Western experimental music called Zindagi.
Also she is working on the Broken Lines Project.
Gernot is working with Tony Wakeford as Twa Corbies after being part of :Golgatha: for some years.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Infernal – Infernal (MCD 1999)

Country: Sweden

1. Requiem (The Coming Of The Age Of Satan) 04:40
2. Wrath Of The Infernal One 03:56
3. Storms Of Armaggedon 04:07
4. Under The Hellsign 03:18

Infernal was a Swedish black metal band based in Stockholm.
It was formed in 1997 by David Parland (aka Blackmoon), 
who teamed up with ex-Dark Funeral colleague and vocalist Themgoroth (Paul Mäkitalo),
 to create a band both similar to and more brutal and extreme than Dark Funeral
which Blackmoon had left in mid 1996.
The band released two EPs during 1999-2002 and was put on-hold from 2003 to mid 2008.
David Parland re-formed the band in late 2008 with drummer Tomas Asklund.
Infernal's new musical direction showcased a slightly more accessible sound than the first two EPs, 
and the new musical direction was more along older death/black metal and not as blastbeat-oriented as the old Infernal while there were plans for a full-length album and possible live gigs.
On May 2, 2010, Goathorned Productions released the EP "The Infernal Return" that featured 3 tracks recorded early 2009.
A demo entitled "Hellhymns" was the last recording before the upcoming release of the full-length album 
that was scheduled for late 2010 or early 2011.
On March 19, 2013, founder David Parland committed suicide, putting an end to the band.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Memorandum – Ars Moriendi (1994)

Country: Sweden

1. Malebolge 05:48
2. Where The Dead Lost Their Bones 05:41
3. New Primitivism 04:31
4. Despite 02:59
5. Pura Dalem 04:05
6. A Harsh Grating Death 01:35
7. Drums Of Agony 05:20
8. No Pain Or Pleasure 05:39
9. Carnage Of Ragnarök 03:08
10. Inner Sanctum 04:44
11. Voodoo Tribal Ritual 04:34
12. Taurobolium 03:32
13. Insecticide 02:06
14. Exterminans 03:27
15. The Caved Mask 03:24
16. The Dead Remains 02:44
17. Esthetiks Of Cruelty 04:05
18. Insecticide II 07:12

Memorandum was one of the early artists on Sweden's Cold Meat Industry label.
The band was the solo tribal/industrial project of Petter Marklund
who was also a member of Sepulchre Inc. and XXX Atomic Toejam at the time.
Memorandum released "Aux Morts" album in 1989 and a 12'' ep in 1990 entitled "Ichor".
In 1994 Cold Meat Industry and Apocalyptic Vision teamed up to release "Ars Moriendi" compilation 
that featured their first two releases plus unreleased material.
The project disappeared suddenly around 1994.
Later, after the end of Memorandum, Marklund went on to be a part of Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects band.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Amedeo Tommasi – La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono (1976)

Composer: Amedeo Tommasi

1. Titoli 02:39
2. Tema D'amore 1 02:13
3. In Chiesa 01:32
4. Tema D'amore 2 03:07
5. Titoli Finali 02:01

"The House With Laughing Windows" (Italian title: La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono) is a 1976 Italian giallo film 
co-written and directed by Pupi Avati, also known to horror film fans for his movie "Zeder" (1983).
The movie was nominated for the International Fantasy Film Award for Best Film at Fantasporto 
and since then has become a cult classic.
Italian jazz pianist Amedeo Tommasi was the composer of the soundtrack that has never released officially.
Thought one the most talented pianist of his generation, Tommasi came to light in 1960, 
during a radio transmission entitled "La Coppa Di Jazz".
Before dedicating himself to modern jazz, he used to play the trombone in the Dixieland "Panigal Jazz Band" of Bologna.
In the late sixties, Tommasi began composing film music and after some minor films, 
he collaborated for about 10 years with the director Pupi Avati , writing the music of many of his films.
Also for over 20 years Tommasi collaborated with Ennio Morricone providing electronic sound material for his films, 
and subsequently worked with him on the music of Giuseppe Tornatore's "The Legend Of 1900".
For this film, Tommasi composed 8 songs, including the famous "Magic Waltz" and "Danny's Blues", 
and appeared in a small cameo as a piano tuner.
Amedeo Tommasi began his teaching career with the teaching of Jazz harmony at the St. Louis music school in Rome.
In 2010 he participated in the documentary film "Pupi Avati, Yesterday Today Tomorrow" by Claudio Costa
dedicated to the director who launched him as a film composer.