Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Megaptera – The Curse Of The Scarecrow (1998)

Country: Sweden

1. Disturbance 07:17
2. Cog-Wheel Machinery 06:30
3. Don't Desecrate The Dead 06:34
4. The Curse Of The Scarecrow 09:38
5. More Disturbance 07:00
6. Hear My Bowels 03:34
7. Kingdom Of Death 05:55
8. Skullfracture 03:25

Megaptera is a long-running dark ambient/death industrial unit
and one of the first to be associated with Sweden's Cold Meat Industry label.
They started on the proto CMI-cassette label Sound Source and then released material on several cult labels

like Slaughter Productions, Art Konkret, SSSM, Release Entertainment, Malignant Records and of course Cold Meat Industry.
From their very first release they were noted as one of the early pioneers of death industrial.
The band's sound combined a dense, hypnotic and heavy cinematic/soundtrack-based industrial atmosphere,

with occasional bass-driven metallic machine rhythms.
Megaptera was created by Mikael Svensson and Magnus Åslund (Pettersson), with Peter Nyström joining them soon after.
Their music was influenced by the CMI related sound and bands like The Klinik, Test Department and Cabaret Voltaire.
"The Curse Of The Scarecrow" was recorded by Mikael Svensson and Peter Nyström 

with the help of Magnus Sundström (The Protagonist, Des Esseintes, Third Eye) on his Amiga 500 and EPS sampler.
A slightly different version of the track "The Curse Of The Scarecrow" was available on the compilation "Territoires Sonores" while the track "Don't Desecrate The Dead" was featured on CIM's compilation "The Absolute Supper"

and helped with the promotion of Megaptera.
The band is still active today with Peter Nyström being the only remaining member

and in 2019 he released the latest album entitled "A Horse In The Eye Is Part Of The Art".

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Murder (2 x 7'' EP 1994)

Country: United States

Side A
1. Edmund Emil Kemper
(Sexual Murderer, Necrophiliac, "Co-Ed Killer") "I Had Thought Of Annihilating The Entire Block That I Lived On." 06:18
Side B
2. Henry Lee Lucas
(Murderer, Rapist, Arsonist, White Trash) "I Was Death On Women." 07:26
Side C
3. Theodore Robert Bundy
(Serial Murderer, "Phantom Prince") "I'm The Most Cold-Blooded Son Of A Bitch That You'll Ever Meet." 06:51
Side D
4. Kenneth Bianchi
(Rapist, Murderer, "Hillside Strangler") "I Didn't See Anything Wrong With It - It Was Just There." 06:42

"Murder" was the first installment of a special interest series 
that would be dealt with the brutal reality of man's murderous capabilities.
Unfortunately no further installments were ever released.
This release contains portions of interviews with four convicted killers 

that many of them came from the documentaries The Killing of America (1981) and Murder: No Apparent Motive (1984).
"Murder" was released in 1994 by Alamut Records as a 2 x 45rpm 7" EP's, both on red vinyl.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Aeternus – Beyond The Wandering Moon (1997)

Country: Norway

1. Under The Blade Of The Dead 02:08
2. Sworn Revenge 06:35
3. White Realm 06:36
4. Sentinels Of Darkness 08:54
5. Embraced 07:18
6. Vind 07:06
7. Waiting For The Storms 05:57
8. Winter Tale 08:14
9. To Enter The Realm Of Legend 07:53
10. Celtic Harp Solo (The Last Feast) 04:23

Aeternus is a black/death metal band from Bergen, Norway.
It was formed in 1993 as an idea of Ronny Hovland, aka Ares, and Erik Heggernes, aka Vrolok.
Later in 1996 Nicola Trier, aka Morrigan, joined the duo as a bass player,
forming the core trio that created the band's first two albums.
They released their debut album, "Beyond The Wandering Moon", in 1997 on Hammerheart Records 
and toured that year with black metal bands Emperor and Limbonic Art through Europe.
Their second album, "...And So The Night Became" was released in 1998, accompanied by a tour supporting Deicide.
In 1999's "Shadows Of Old" album their sound moved from darkened black metal
toward a faster and more aggressive death metal sound.
Morrigan left the group in 2001 for personal reasons and was later replaced by V'gandr of Helheim.
Later that year they released their fourth full-length album called "Ascension Of Terror".
Their next album "A Darker Monument" was released on the new Nocturnal Art Productions label in 2003.
After the release of their sixth full-length "HeXaeon",
long-time member Vrolok left the band and was replaced by S. Winter on drums early in 2006.
In the period between 2008 and 2011, the band entered a lull.
V'gandr left the band to concentrate his work on his own band Helheim.
Ares reformed the band with Phobos on drums and Specter as a new guitarist
and released in 2013 their seventh full-length album, "...And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth".
In 2018 the band released their latest album entitled "Heathen".

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Azmodan – Evil Obscurity (1998)

Country: Germany

1. The Arrival 08:38
2. Hellbound 09:11
3. Evil Obscurity 04:15
4. A Bestia 06:57
5. Remember Them 05:56
6. Once Were Warriors 06:09
7. Signum Vitiosum Dance 06:23

Azmodan was a German melodic/symphonic black metal band created by Lord Azmodan (aka René Pfeiffer).
Lord Azmodan was also contributing vocals from 1998 to 2001 for the German death metal band My Darkest Hate.
Azmodan was created in 1996 and released two albums, "Evil Obscurity" in 1998
and "Of Angels And Demons" in 1999, both of them published by Iron Glory Records.
"Evil Obscurity" featured a full line up, with Lord Azmodan (Vocals, Guitar),
Andariel (Guitar), Vorax (Drums) and Mefastus (Bass)
while for the creation of "Of Angels And Demons" Lord Azmodan went solo handling everything, 
with only the assistance of Carmen Clark on female vocals.
A third album entitled "Everblasting" was about to be released in 2009 but this was never happened.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Nagelfar – Srontgorrth (Die Macht Erfaßte Das Meine Wie Die Angst Das Blut Der Anderen) (1999)

Country: Germany

1. Kapitel Eins, Der Frühling: Als Die Tore Sich Öffnen... 16:45
2. Kapitel Zwei, Der Sommer: Die Existenz Jenseits Der Tore 16:11
3. Kapitel Drei, Der Herbst: Endzeit 09:19
4. Kapitel Vier, Der Winter: Trümmer 09:36
5. Kapitel Fünf: Willkommen Zu Haus 18:09

Nagelfar were founded in 1993 by guitarist Zorn and drummer Rykthius Von Meilenwald,
now known as Alexander Von Meilenwald.
It took until 1995 to get a stable line-up, by addition of Sveinn Von Hackelnberg on bass and Jander on vocals.
Together they recorded two demos, a split EP with the German band Dark Embrace,
as well as the two full length albums "Hünengrab Im Herbst" and "Srontgorrth".
With the production of "Srontgorrth", a concept album, they lost Hackelnberg and Jander.
Soon Zingultus (of Desecration, Graupel, Graven etc.) was found for vocal duties, but the band never found a bass player.
On the album "Virus West" that was released in 2001, Zorn and Meilenwald were forced to handled bass duties.
To date, this release is the last official one by Nagelfar.
In April 2002 the band called it quits when Zorn announced that he lacked energy and motivation to continue Nagelfar.
He and Meilenwald were always in agreement that Nagelfar would only exist if both of them were active,
so consequently the band was put to rest.
Alexander Von Meilenwald formed The Ruins Of Beverast shortly thereafter, while Zorn formed Simple Existenz and EgoNoir.
Sveinn Von Hackelnberg is the owner of Ván Records.
In 2009 "Srontgorrth" was re-issued by Ván Records with a bonus cd featuring demo versions 
and a debut album version of "Srontgorrth" plus 20 minutes "Srontgorrth Medley",
which was recorded for concerts featuring Zingultus on vocals.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Molested – Blod-Draum (1995)

Country: Norway

1. A Strife Won At Wraith 04:28
2. Along The Misty Morass 03:34
3. Unborn Woods In Doom 03:34
4. Following The Growls 05:44
5. Blod-Draum 03:18
6. The Hate From Miasma Storms 03:44
7. Carved By Raven Claws 03:17
8. A Glade Of Ingrown Blood 03:44
9. Forlorn As A Mist Of Grief 04:44

The band was formed in 1991 under the name Purgation but they soon changed it into Molested.
This was the first band of Borknagar founder Øystein Garnes Brun,
which also included former Gorgoroth drummer and author Erlend "Sersjant" Erichsen.
A month after their creation Kenneth Lian (bass) and Trond Turnes (guitars) joined to complete the lineup.
They released their only full-length, "Blod-Draum", in 1995 and split after releasing the "Stormvold" EP.
After the split of the band Øystein Garnes Brun wrote some songs that would become part of Borknagar's first album.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Hathor – Broad Brook Symptome (7'' EP 1998)

Country: Germany

1. Broad Brook Symptome 04:41
2. Der Pfähler 03:14
3. Knochenflöten 03:22
4. Zeit Des Erwachens 04:33

German black metal trio band from Grossbreitenbach, Thuringia.
They were active during the 1990's and were originally known as Wormy Vomit.
The band released two demos entitled "Dark Satanic Blasphemy" in 1994 and "The Return Of Satanic Rites" in 1996.
In 1998 their final work was the limited to 500 numbered copies 7" EP "Broad Brook Symptome

that was released by Räudig Records.