Saturday, 22 September 2018

Saerpe Metal Union (Split 1998)

Country: Norway

1. Infernal – Bloody Upon The Altar 04:31
2. Infernal – Once Again 02:49
3. Infernal – Holy Unholy 02:01
4. Infernal – The Last Eternal Winter 03:43
5. Infernal – The World Is Mine 01:52
6. Sunshine's Gone – Shield Of Flames 03:34
7. Sunshine's Gone – In The Black 03:47
8. Sunshine's Gone – When Sunshine's Gone 05:35
9. Soul Transition – The Call From Within 03:35
10. Soul Transition – In The Perdition Hearse / Dead While Living 04:09
11. Soul Transition – Nivlheim 03:39
12. Con Anima – The House On The Hill 06:19
13. Con Anima – The Price (Twisted Sister Cover) 03:49
14. Con Anima – The Angel Of Melancholy 06:47

Saerpe Metal Union was a demo compilation of four bands from the Sarpsborg (Særpe) area 
and was released in 1998 by Scarlet Records.
Infernal was formed from the ashes of Baalberith, in early 1997.
The band recorded three demos, of which the second one named "Holy Unholy" is featured here.
This demo was spread to friends and labels, in a very small number of CD-R copies.
Freddy Olsen from Con Anima was also a member of the band that ended splitting up in 2001.
Sunshine's Gone was a project band featuring members of Kharon and Ragnarok.
Thyme (Dag Ronny "Dæskis" Hansen) is providing the vocals here in their selftitled demo,

released in 1997, reminding the early releases of Ragnarok.
Soul Transition was formed by "Kessel" Frode Kobberstad and Stian "Culto" Johansen, both members of Perdition Hearse.
Their first demo entitled "The Calling" is included in the compilation and was originally released in 1996.
Con Anima was another project band of Stian "Culto" Johansen.
They released a demo entitled "The Angel Of Melancholy" (also called "Promo Tape 1998")

and a full length in 1999 entitled "The Book Of Riddles".


Sunday, 9 September 2018

Secret Discovery – Into The Void (1993)

Country: Germany

1. Introduction / Time Has Come 06:36
2. Western World 03:42
3. Execution Day 03:48
4. Despair 04:48
5. Part Of Me 06:39
6. I Left The Real 04:14
7. Let Me Always 07:01
8. Salvation 04:08
9. Into The Void 05:17

Secret Discovery was a rock band from Bochum, whose style was initially based heavily on bands 
such as Fields Of The Nephilim, The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission.
The band was founded in 1989 by the brothers Kai (vocals) and Falk Hoffmann (guitar),
Michael Gusky (guitar) and Mattes Glathe (bass).
Secret Discovery, alongside acts like Project Pitchfork, Deine Lakaien, Das Ich, Lacrimosa and Goethes Erben,
were not only a strong motor for the renaissance of the German gothic scene in the early Nineties,
but also forerunners of gothic metal made in Germany,
and their 1993 offering, "Into The Void" is still considered a genre classic.
From 1990 to 1994 the band released four albums and in 1995 they signed up to Gun Records 
for the release of "A Question Of Time" album, which saw the light of day in 1996.
This was followed by appearances on the Out of the Dark festival with Moonspell, Crematory and The Gathering.
In 1996, the band went on a tour supporting Rammstein.
"Slave" appeared in 1997 and again used a tougher music style,
featuring a cover version of "Slave To The Rhythm" song from Grace Jones.
In 1999 before their dissolution, the compilation "The Final Chapter" was released featuring rare material and new songs.
After a successful final tour, the band split up.
In 2002, Secret Discovery reunited and "Pray", the reunion album, was released in 2004.
Several single gigs with Oomph!, Tiamat and Nightwish followed. Their last album "Alternate" was released in 2006.
The following tour was completed with Unheilig and also played at the Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen 
as well as the Blackfield Open Air in Gelsenkirchen and a concert in the Bochum KULT Club.


Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Siglo XX – Under A Purple Sky (1989)

Country: Belgium

1. Baby Divine 03:52
2. When Will It Be Me 04:07
3. I Send You My Tears 03:59
4. Untouchable Flame 03:55
5. Body Meets Body 03:44
6. Alice 03:27
7. Vanity Lane 03:14
8. City In Dust 03:16
9. Summers Die 04:48
10. Waiting For A Friend 03:29

Siglo XX was a Belgian Coldwave/Darkwave/Rock group from Genk active from 1978-1990.
Their sound was influenced by the music of Joy Division and other Factory Records bands 
using dark basses, moody synths and depressive vocals.
In 1980 Siglo XX independently released their first 7'' single "The Naked And The Death".
Things really got rolling two years later with the maxi-single "The Art Of War".
Later they signed to Antler Records where they released a few of their albums and maxi’s.
In the mid 80’s a move to Play It Again Sam followed, and three albums came out.
The last was "Under A Purple Sky" in 1989.
Siglo XX was one of the more well-known Belgian Coldwave bands 
and by 2010 was considered to have been a key influence on the Belgian music scene.


Monday, 20 August 2018

Darrin Verhagen ‎– Soft Ash (1997)

Country: Australia

1. Soft Ash - Origins 05:56
2. The White Death: Part 1 (Meuse Valley, Belgium 1930) 05:12
3. MIC (Bhopal, India 1984) 07:05
4. The Plague Wind (London 1871) 08:04
5. Chernobyl (Former USSR April 26 1986) 04:54
6. The White Death: Part 2 (Meuse Valley, Belgium 1930) 06:23
7. Fragments (Monnongahela Rice Valley, USA October 25-31 1948) 10:51

Darrin Verhagen is an Australian composer known for his projects Shinjuku Thief,
Shinjuku Filth, E.P.A., and Professor Richmann.
He lectures in sound design, soundtrack and electronic music at RMIT university,
previously having run the Dorobo record label.
In 1997 he released his first solo album entitled "Soft Ash".
The movement through a range of compositional techniques is inspired by historical reports
of a series of lethal atmospheric inversions, ranging from the killer fogs of London in the 1880's
through to the incidents at Union Carbide and Chernobyl.
As the album unfolds, bleak electroacoustic themes become more surreal,
ending up with conceptually inaccurate
atmospheric ambience and rhythmic minimalism.
Recorded at P3 facility and mastered by François Tétaz.


Sunday, 12 August 2018

Athothep – Badb-Catha (7'' EP 1995)

Country: Switzerland

1. Under The Black Wings Of The Battle Crow 02:47
2. Crying Havoc 02:38
3. Gateway To Infinity 03:45

Sometime during 1992/1993 two guitarist in Switzerland decided to form a black metal band.
They managed to find a drummer but they still had to find a bassist yet.
After finding a rehearsal place one of the two former guitarist wanted to go in a different musical direction, so he left.
At this point of time the two remaining members Thomas Augustiny (drums) 
and Daniel Bisang (guitars, vocals) chosen the band name Spheres Of Dawn.
They recorded one track which was released on Daniel's compilation tape "Infernal Holocaust
featuring tracks from Fleurety, Moonspell, Curse, Thy Serpent and others.
After a while Spheres Of Dawn was laid on ice and the duo decided to form a second band named Athothep.
They released their first demo entitled "Rites Of The Necrogoat" in 1993 and sold about 300 copies.
A second demo entitled "...And The Pale Light Shined On" was released in 1994 with the help of Jonas on synths.
In 1995 the German label Noise V. released the limited to 500 numbered copies 7'' EP "Badb-Catha
which was the final effort of Athothep.
There were plans for a full length CD and also for the release of the first demo of Spheres Of Dawn 
but unfortunately these never happened.


Saturday, 14 July 2018

Nijiumu – Era Of Sad Wings (1993)

Country: Japan

1. Untitled 02:39
2. Untitled 16:10
3. Untitled 06:52
4. Untitled 05:13
5. Untitled 04:54
6. Untitled 09:30
7. Untitled 05:07
8. Untitled 04:48
9. Untitled 06:52
10. Untitled 03:56

Keiji Haino (灰野 敬二 Haino Keiji) born May 3, 1952 in Chiba, Japan, and currently residing in Kawagoe, 
is a Japanese musician and singer-songwriter whose work has included rock, free improvisation, 
noise music, percussion, psychedelic music, minimalism and drone music.
Haino's initial artistic outlet was theater, inspired by the radical writings of Antonin Artaud.
An epiphanic moment came when he heard The Doors' "When The Music's Over
and changed course towards music creating the improvised rock band Lost Aaraaf in 1970.
In the mid 1970s, having left Lost Aaraaf, he collaborated with psychedelic multi-instrumentalist Magical Power Mako.
Other groups Haino has formed include rock duo Fushitsusha in 1978, Aihiyo in 1998,
Vajra (with underground folk singer Kan Mikami and drummer Toshiaki Ishizuka),
Knead (with the avant-prog outfit Ruins), Sanhedolin (with Yoshida Tatsuya of Ruins and Mitsuru Nasuno of Korekyojinn, Altered States and Ground Zero) and a solo project called Nijiumu.
Nijiumu (滲有無) featured Keiji Haino, Asahito Nanjo (who left in 1990), Takashi Matsuoka and Shizuo Uchida.
They created mysterious soundscapes mixing acoustic instruments, electronic treatments and Haino's vocals.
Asahito Nanjo (member of High Rise, Toho Sara) speaks about it in an interview:
"Nijiumu concentrate on creating an atmosphere. There was no clear concept,
sometimes we wouldn't even talk about what we were going to do.
Nijiumu is like Fushitsusha in that it was started with the aim of doing something that no one else had thought of.
It doesn't have any clear philosophy behind it."
Haino has also collaborated with many artists, including Faust, Boris, Derek Bailey,
Bill Laswell, Stephen O'Malley, Jim O'Rourke, John Zorn and John Duncan.
Haino cites a broad range of influences, including troubadour music, Marlene Dietrich,

Iannis Xenakis, Blue Cheer, Syd Barrett, Charlie Parker and Butoh dancing.
NHK, Japan's national broadcaster, banned him from broadcast from 1973 to 2013.
He has been active since the 1970s and continues to record regularly and in new styles.


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Akrabu – Kispu Ina Ina Nekelmu (1996)

Country: United States

1. Awakening The Serpent Force (Declaration) 00:19
2. Raising The Serpent Force (Conservation And Channeling) 01:54
3. Summoning The Desert Winds From The Scorpion's Domain 02:06
4. Invoking The Chaos Beyond The Stars 03:26
5. Chant Of The Dreaming Ancients, A Curse Unto The Elders 05:32
6. Conjuring The Shadowed Mountains Of Mashu 03:04
7. Procession Through The Desert Lands Of Sumeria 01:02
8. Invoking The Temptress Of The Dark Waters 03:02
9. Summoning The Ancient And Immortal Ones 05:16
10. Spilling The Water Of Life Upon The Stone Altar (The Sacrifice) 02:59
11. Opening The Gate Beyond The Stars 06:45
12. Embracing The Immortal Wine (Communion) 03:02
13. Conjuration Of The Serpentine Eye (Ascending The Path Of The Vampire) 02:47
14. Channeling The Dragon Realm (Awakening) 02:31
15. Towards The Veil Of The Dreaming (Crossing The Veil Of The Abyss) 04:57
16. The Scorpion's Sting (Penetrating The Sleeper's Astral) 04:43
17. Unleashing The Serpent Force 01:43
18. Releasing The Ancient Winds 03:01

Formed in 1995 with the release of the "Kakos Draconis" demo, 
Akrabu has been the musical outlet of Scorpios Androctonus (Crimson Moon, Sabnack, Possession Ritual).
Consisting entirely of acoustic instruments, Akrabu has continued with this tradition throughout its recordings, 
avoiding the use of synthesizers or sampled/synthetic sounds.
Based on Sumerian lore/ritual and mythology, the music of Akrabu is intended to evoke a meditative state 
utilizing a variety of acoustic guitars, exotic stringed and wind instruments, various percussion, voices and field recordings.
The hour long album "Kispu Ina Ina Nekelmu" was recorded entirely with acoustic instruments, 
chanting and voices without the use of synthesizers.
It was originally released on Dark Age Productions in 1996 as a cassette covered by printed paper sleeve, 

wrapped in snakeskin, all in black velveteen bag with printed booklet in a limited edition of 100 copies 
and it was reissued on it's 22nd anniversary with a different cover, again on a cassette and for the first time on a CD format.
Recorded at the Serpent Chamber, Covina California on analog 4-track in 1996 and performed by Scorpios Androctonus 
with the help of Darke Shadoe on female vocals, conjurations and invocations.