Monday, 21 May 2018

Exiled Shadow – North Abyss Shadows (Demo 1999)

Country: Greece

1. Anguish Of Pagan Night 04:08
2. Where The Shadows Rise 02:00
3. Haunting The Light 02:23
4. The Testimonial Code Of Death 02:42
5. Savior Of Sorrow 02:27
6. Ancient Spirits Of Evil 01:49

Exiled Shadow was created in the summer of 1998 in Thessaloniki, Greece,
by Tasos (guitars, vocals) from Ptolemaida and Vasilis (drums) from Thessaloniki.
The group's basic influence was Scandinavian black metal while the lyrics were based on evil, darkness and paganism.
Their first demo "The Lost Mist Path" was released in September 1998 
with Kostas (of the local death/grind band Soultaker) handling the bass.
The second demo "North Abyss Shadows" was recorded only by Tasos and Vasilis and released in February 1999.
After a few months with the pseudonyms Shadefrost (Tasos) and Haggath (Vasilis
Naethor joined the band as a full time member in bass.
With this line up, apart from the old tracks, they also worked on four new songs 
which were released in September 2000 as their third demo "...And The Funeral Becomes".
Throughout their existence Exiled Shadow appeared live only once 
participating in a rock/metal festival in Ptolemaida in the summer of 2000.
In 2018 Askio Productions released "North Abyss Shadows" compilation 
that features all the demos of the band in a limited handmade ekopak CD-r edition of 50 copies.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Univers Zero – Heresie (1979)

Country: Belgium

1. La Faulx 25:25
2. Jack The Ripper 13:30
3. Vous Le Saurez En Temps Voulu 13:02
4. Chaos Hermétique (Bonus Track Recorded In 1975) 11:52

Univers Zero are an instrumental progressive Belgian band formed in 1974 by drummer Daniel Denis.
The band is known for playing dark music heavily influenced by 20th-century chamber music.
In 1973, Claude Deron and Daniel Denis, both former members of the band Arkham, set up a new group, Necronomicon.
By that time, apart from Deron (trumpet) and Denis (drums), the group consisted of Roger Trigaux (guitar),  
Guy Segers (bass guitar), Patrick Hanappier (violin), John Van Rymenant (sax) and later on Vincent Motoulle (keyboards).
At the time, Guy Denis (percussion) took part in some shows and rehearsals 
and Jean-Luc Manderlier (keyboards) was present only during rehearsals.
Necronomicon was renamed to Univers Zero in 1974.
The band was part of a musical movement called Rock In Opposition (RIO) which strove to create dense challenging music, a direct contrast to the disco and punk music being produced in the late 1970s.
Obvious early influences were Bartók, Stravinsky and composers such as Albert Huybrechts, who was also Belgian.
Whereas their early albums were almost entirely acoustic, featuring oboes, spinets, harmoniums and Mellotrons, 
their 1980s albums tended to rely more on synthesizer and electric guitar, sounding much more electric.
In 1977, they released their first eponymous album "Univers Zéro", later remixed and renamed as "1313". 
The album shows a heavy rock and roll approach despite the fact that the instrumentation was largely acoustic.
This is mostly due to the use of drums and bass guitar.
Two years later the album "Heresie" proved to be even darker and more complex.
Subsequent albums lightened the sound only slightly but became ever more electric.
The group disbanded in 1987 but reformed in 1999.
In the interim, drummer Daniel Denis released two solo albums and joined Art Zoyd, a similar band from France.
Since 1999, Univers Zero released five studio albums.
In 2011, they joined forces with Belgian groups Present and Aranis 
to form a 17-member ensemble called Once Upon A Time In Belgium.
They premiered at the fourth edition of the Rock In Opposition festival held in Carmaux, France in September 2011,
where they performed "New York Transformations", a work composed by Kurt Budé.
Once Upon A Time In Belgium and Univers Zero appear in the documentary film
"Romantic Warriors II: A Progressive Music Saga About Rock In Opposition".

Monday, 30 April 2018

Lunus – Monolilith (Demo 1993)

Country: Italy

1. Il Sorgere Del Male 05:48
2. Cibo Per Piccole Larve 07:22
3. Monolilith 04:26
4. Sangue Per Gli Angeli 05:32
5. Tanzerloch 04:02

Lunus (aka Lvnvs) is the solo project of Devis "deviLs g." Granziera, with the help of Stefano Barban
  of the legendary international DSIP (aka Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide) trio with Siegmar Fricke & Miguel Ruiz.
Granziera is a well known Italian dark/industrial/noise underground musician 
who started his activities in the early 1990s and is more known for his notorious Italian act Teatro Satanico.
Here this cult Italian project offers great dark and rumbling industrial/noise with heavy beats 
from the deepest and hellish places reminding the early Teatro Satanico recordings.
"Monolilith" was released on a cassette format by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Where – The Creatures Of The Wind (1999)

Country: Italy

1. Boreas 18:26
2. Conoscenze Oscure 05:17
3. Sa'rka'ny 10:41
4. Creature Del Vento 10:44
5. Cialarere 06:34
6. Streghe Del Vento 04:01
7. Arpie 02:21
8. Sacro Terrore 05:12

Where project consist of Zairo (also member of Olhon together with Massimo Magrini of Bad Sector) and Darvulia.
Their first album entitled "The Creatures Of The Wind" was released in 1999 by Eibon Records 
and it is centered upon the popular myths about the creatures of the air, such as Arpie, Cialalere and Vecchiarine.
Here Zairo and Darvulia are transforming the relationship between the ancestral wind creatures and man 
into astonishing dark ambient with cryptic sounds and ghostly nocturnal atmospheres,
featuring wind recordings and sounds of old wind mills.
In 2006 the band released their second album entitled "Wererat
that is made out of field recordings taken exclusively in sewers and other rats-infested places.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Archaos – Vestes Terrae (1997)

Country: Romania

1. Intro 04:52
2. The Gods 03:32
3. Nulla Salus Bello 05:06
4. Samotrace 05:35
5. Neolithic 01:50
6. Oceanus (Part II) 00:48
7. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes 05:17
8. Untitled 00:51
9. Mystic Dark 04:21
10. Impavidum Ferient Ruinae 01:25
11. Vestes Terrae 03:06
12. Mors 03:28
13. Laudator Temporis Acti 09:15
14. Contempus 02:51
15. Ritus Cineri 02:15

Archaos formed in Bucharest in early 1993 by Dan Serbanescu (aka Vourckolakos) and Radu Nicolescu (aka Putrefactorus)
as a two man artistic act with both of them sharing guitars, keyboards, vocals, percussion, programming and effects duties.
The early period of the group had as a result the recordings of several demo tapes (about 12 of them) 

and the promotion of Archaos as a dark archaic mystic ambient/gothic/dungeon synth/dark wave band 
of the local scene inspired by the Mediterranean archaic spirituality and forgotten cultures.
The first official Archaos work was released in 1997 entitled "Vestes Terrae
and was promoted on national and international basis.
This album is mostly a compilation of tracks from the early demo discography of the group 
and was released by the well known Romanian label Bestial Records.
Also in late 1997 the band performed live for the first time.
In April 1999, a second album was released under the same label 

entitled "The Land/Love Obsession" and included two EPs dated 1998 & 1999.
"Centuries Of Obedience", the third album of the group has its beginning in September 1999 

and was released in May 2000 also at the same label and featured 4 long tracks of deep gothic/dark wave music.
In 2001 the band ceased to exist while Dan Serbanescu continues today with his other projects

(Divine Muzak, Tanz Ohne Musik, Alone In The Hollow Garden and ARM).

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Simargal – Intus Susceptio (Demo 1997)

Country: Serbia

1. In Nominus Satanas 03:37
2. The End 03:18
3. Exumed Again 03:20
4. Pandemonium 02:56
5. All Christians Are Destroyed 03:53

At the end of 1995, a metal band named Abadon was founded in Trstenik, Serbia.
After a few rehearsals the members decided to change the name from Abadon to Simargal.
At that time Simargal was consisted of:
Goran Smiljković (vocals, bass), Igor Škrinjar (guitars), Aleksandar Milutinović (guitars) and Zoran Dragojević (drums).
After a year of some serious work, in June 1997, Simargal entered
Češnjak Studio 
and recorded their first demo entitled "Intus Susceptio".
At that beginning Simargal played death metal but they had already started to develop and change that style 
leaning more to melodic black metal with death metal influences.
In the middle of 1998, Aleksandar Milutinović left the band and was replaced by Danijel Pešić.
With the development of their sound they also needed a keyboard player and Milica Gabor took that place.
In 1999 they entered studio and recorded their debut album called “Meeting With…” which was consisted of six songs.
A Belgrade publisher, Rock Express Records, released the album in March 2001.
Meeting With…” was recorded in Češnjak Studio and sold 2000 CDs all over the world.
In 2000, Ivan Pešić joined the band as a bass-player while Milica Gabor was replaced by Vladimir Jovanović.
After that they recorded their second album called “...Hidden God” 
that was consisted of seven songs and two re-makes from the first demo “Intus Susceptio”.
This album came out also from Češnjak Studio and was recorded in the period 
from 23rd of November up to 2nd of December 2002 in production of Sasa Vujić.
...Hidden God” was released in 2004.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Caroline K – Now Wait For Last Year (1987)

Country: England

1. The Happening World 20:50
2. Animal Lattice 04:56
3. Chearth 06:04
4. Tracking With Close-Ups 04:45
5. Leaving 02:37

Caroline Kaye Walters (1957 – 12 July 2008), known as Caroline K, was an English singer, songwriter and artist/producer.
She was a co-founder of the legendary UK industrial groups The Pump and Nocturnal Emissions with Nigel Ayers, contributing voice, synthesizer, bass and drum programming to the group’s early releases.
She was also responsible for Sterile Records alongside Nigel Ayers
a record label that released albums by Lustmord, SPK and Maurizio Bianchi.
Her only solo album, the title of which was taken from a Philip K. Dick 1966 sci-fi novel that revolves 
around a pill-based hallucinogenic drug, was released on Earthly Delights in 1987 entitled "Now Wait For Last Year".
The album is considered a classic of beautiful and haunting ambient recordings 
full of autumnal atmosphere and melancholy.
In 2010 a remastered/reissue CD version of the LP saw the light of day through the Austrian Klanggalerie label 
and featured three bonus tracks ("In Between The Spaces 1-3") that were recorded after the album, 
while a second CD reissue of the same label that was released in 2015 featured one more bonus track ("In A Box"
taken from the Sterile Records compilation "Standard Response" from 1980 
that Caroline recorded under the pseudonym S.M. Andrews.
In later life Caroline retreated from the public eye, and in 2001 married Daniel Ayers 
(Nigel’s brother, also of Nocturnal Emissions, and her collaborator in The Pump), moving to Garfagnana, Italy, 
where she resided until her death from leukaemia complications on July 12, 2008.