Sunday, 18 March 2018

Cranial Torment – Decaying In The Mud (Demo 1998)

Country: Greece

1. Baptized In Urine 03:50
2. Reduction To Ashes 03:06
3. Decaying In The Mud 01:55

Cranial Torment started in May 1998 by two guys,
Vasilis Benakis (guitar, vocals, bass) and Kostas Vaxevanos (drums, backing vocals)
in order to play brutal death metal with some grinding parts.
A bass player joined them but after a few rehearsals, he left the band.
In August 1998, they recorded their first demo tape entitled "Decaying In The Mud" with 3 tracks.
Some copies were spread in zine and distros but in October 1998 Kostas left the band.
In January 1999 as an one man band Vasilis went to studio and recorded the second demo 
"The Triumph Of Impudence" that contained 9 tracks.
About 500 copies in 4 months were spread and in May 1999 Vasilis went back to studio to record a new demo.
The third and last demo tape of the band was entitled "Death Is Rising".

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

F:A.R. ‎– Passi Uguali (1990)

Country: Italy

1. Io Non Moriro' Mai 02:12
2. Passi Uguali 05:01
3. Gli Occhi 03:42
4. Abbandònati 1 01:23
5. Segreti 03:43
6. Dinosauri 03:08
7. Cuore 03:43
8. Gioca 02:51
9. Pipifi 05:22
10. Aaaarghhh 01:27
11. Abbandònati 2 01:23
12. Solo Andata 02:56
13. Orgia 07:14

F:A.R. (aka Final Alternative Relation) was one of the first Italian post-industrial music groups
led by Mauro Guazzotti (later known as MGZ).
The band's history goes back in the early 80's and since then they released 3 LP's,
a lot of cassettes albums and appearances in many collections.
In the early 90s they disappeared only to re-appear in 2010 with the publication of a DVD.
The group was often used to line up changes but Mauro Guazzotti was the only constant member.
Guazzotti later started the side project MGZ, and also ran the record label Technological Feeling.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

HAM – Buffalo Virgin (1989)

Country: Iceland

1. Slave 02:44
2. Youth 03:36
3. Voulez Vous 04:06
4. Linda Blair 02:53
5. Svin 03:43
6. Whole Lotta Love 03:14
7. Misery 04:57
8. Egg Ya Hummie 03:00
9. Forbidden Lovers 03:01
10. Death 02:43

 HAM is an Icelandic rock band formed in 1988.
They are often listed as a heavy metal band
(with bizarre almost black metal vocals)
 but have never categorized themselves as such.
They have gradually come to be acknowledged as an important part of Icelandic rock history.
HAM's first album was "Hold", a controversial record which received no radio airtime.
The following year they released the album "Buffalo Virgin" and held several concerts in New York.
The album "Pleasing The Pirahna" was recorded in 1990 but was never released.
Supposedly another album by the name "Pimpmobile" was also recorded but remains unreleased.
In 1991-1992, the band participated in the making of the film "Sódóma Reykjavík",
with singer and guitarist Sigurjón Kjartansson writing most of the soundtrack 
and with Óttarr Olaf Proppé (singer of the band) participating in the film.
The album "Saga Rokksins" was released in 1993.
On June 4, 1994, the band held its last concert in the now defunct night club Tunglið in downtown Reykjavík.
The live concert recording was subsequently released as the album "Lengi Lifi".
In 1995, the band's remaining studio recordings were released as the album "Dauður Hestur".
HAM remained inactive until 2001 when they performed live again in the Gaukur á Stöng bar.
This concert was later released as the live album "Skert Flog".
In 2011 they released their first new album in 16 years, "Svik, Harmur, Dauði
and in 2017 they released another album entitled "Söngvar Um Helvíti Mannanna".
HAM featured as members Hallur Ingólfsson (know from the band XIII
and Jóhann Jóhannsson (born on 19 September 1969 – died on 9 February 2018) 
known mostly for his soundtracks for Denis Villeneuve's movies (Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival), 
while the singer Óttarr Proppé is also an Icelandic politician and actor.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Mastiphal – Sowing Profane Seed (Demo 1994)

Country: Poland

1. Intro - A Dawn Of Pagan Deeds 03:48
2. Aim / I.Sowing Profane Seed / II.Worship... 08:45
3. Confirmation 05:49
4. In The Shadow Of Nastrand 07:41
5. Outro - Calling 01:13

Mastiphal is one of the earliest black metal bands to appear in Poland.
Formed in 1991 under the name Dissolution, they originally started as a death metal band.
By 1992 vocalist Flauros and guitarist Cymeris, adopted the name Mastiphal changing their musical style to black metal.
The band’s fondness for synths had been evident even in the Dissolution days, 

but would become more prominent with Mastiphal.
The founding duo even employed a full-time keyboard player alongside a bassist and drummer.
All together they released the group’s first demo, entitled "Sowing Profane Seed".
A year later Baron Records issued their first full-length album entitled "For A Glory Of All Evil Spirits, Rise For Victory".
In 1996 the band returned as a trio and released a promo/demo with two new songs, 

a cover of KAT’s "Mag-Sex" for the compilation "Czarne Zastępy: W Hołdzie KAT" (Black Hordes: Tribute to KAT), 
and the track "Summoned Howling" that appeared on Full Moon Production’s "A Tribute to Hell – Satanic Rites" compilation.
In 1997 Mastiphal signed a deal with Full Moon Produtions for the release of a mini-album, "Bloody Heresy

and for a full-length entitled "Vampiric Prose".
They started recordings but these releases were never finished and never released.
By 1999 the band was put on hold due to creative differences between Flauros and Cymeris.
Flauros had begun the side project Darzamat in 1995 and when Mastiphal ceased activity this band became his sole focus.
In 2009 a return would occur with the release of a compilation called "Damnatio Memoriae" by Witching Hour Productions, that included all previous studio recordings as well as live material.
The band that re-emerged was now utilizing three new members that contributed on 2011’s album "Parvzya".

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Tertium Non Data – The Third Is Not Given (1999)

Country: United States

1. The Boiling Man 04:02
2. Punishment Icon 05:33
3. The Shadow Eater 12:12
4. The Old Ones Have Fallen Away 03:10
5. Hunger Music 05:22
6. Nidhogg (Corpse Eater) 08:42
7. A Spell For Breaking An Opening Into The Sky (Lake Of Fire Remix) 04:34
8. Goddunn 03:20
9. Lust II 10:00
10. Lost Enchantments Of The Flesh 04:17
11. Remnant 08:21
12. The Vacant Chair 04:15
13. Untitled 00:29

Tertium Non Data was formed in 1994 and was the long awaited experimental collaboration 
between John Bergin and Brett Smith.
Both of them had also worked together before in the band Trust Obey.
Smith is noteworthy for his dark-ambient alter ego Caul
while Bergin composed his own celebrated style of orchestrated ambience under the name C17H19NO3.
Since forming Tertium Non Data numerous compositions were created.
Their first recording was self-released in 1994.
It was followed in 1995 by two more self-released collections, "The Vacant Chair" and "Lust".
"The Third Is Not Given", collects remastered versions of the more accomplished tracks from these two collections, 

as well as two unreleased tracks from 1996/97, and three new tracks recorded in 1999.
Tertium Non Data's debut effort can be described as tense, cinematic pieces
blending seamlessly with haunting soundscapes, thereby creating a cold, black atmosphere.
The name of the band is latin for "The Third Is Not Given". According to John Bergin
"It is an alchemic term which refers to the process of combining two disparate elements to create a new, third element. 
The process of transformation is a mystery, an unknown.".

Monday, 29 January 2018

Kerovnian – Far Beyond, Before The Time (1999)

Country: Croatia

1. Those Beneath The Moaning Castle 06:57
2. Far Beyond, Before The Time 08:09
3. The Godless Keep 06:37
4. From The Lands Where The Winds Die 05:27
5. As They Dug Their Way Out Into The Machinery Of Death 11:25
6. Before The Oblivion 05:38

Kerovnian was a dark ambient project of Vlad K. who originated from the Croatian black metal scene, 
with several bands he played in (including Ashes You Leave).
The project started in 1996 as support music for poetry evenings of Vlad’s late friend, Herr Skoko Georges Angelovsky. Eventually it grew into a full project featuring some of the darkest ambient music ever created.
Inspired by stories from horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and Necronomicon,  
Vlad successfully recreated the horrors from Lovecraft’s stories into dark ambient music.
Kerovnian released two album, "Far Beyond, Before The Time" (1999) and "From The Depths Of Haron" (2001) 
both of them through the Cold Spring label.
"Far Beyond, Before The Time" was also re-issued in 2015 with 4 bonus previously unreleased tracks, 
that were recorded during the same sessions.
Before dissolving Kerovnian Vlad K. was working on the third album called "Lullabies For The Crawling Chaos".

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Chu Ishikawa – Tetsuo I - II Original Soundtrack (1998)

Composer: Chu Ishikawa

1. Megatron 05:04
2. The Sixth Tooth 06:34
3. Rana - Porosa Porosa I 05:47
4. Mausoleum 04:16
5. Lost 06:39
6. Dinosauroid 03:16
7. Rana - Porosa Porosa II 01:57
8. A Burned Figure 04:05

Chu Ishikawa (石川忠 Ishikawa Chū, 1966 – 2017) was a Japanese composer and musician, 
best known for creating the soundtracks of many films by Shinya Tsukamoto and Takashi Miike.
Ishikawa picked up his first synthesizer at the age of 15, and entered the music scene with his first band at the age of 18.
The alternative metal percussion unit, Zeitlich Vergelter
received a warm welcome from the indie scene, alongside bands such as the Ruins and the Boredoms.
After their break up, he continued as a solo percussion artist, 
and wrote his first soundtrack in 1988 for the cult classic Tetsuo/The Iron Man, (directed by Shinya Tsukamoto).
His work was hailed worldwide for its Armageddon-esque feel.
He was of course selected to work on the sequel, Tetsuo II/Body Hammer
where he pursued the expressions of metal acoustics with his self made instruments.
In 1993 he formed the industrial "Metal Percussion-Heavy Rock/Punk" unit Der Eisenrost.
Unfortunately Chu Ishikawa, according to the Der Eisenrost official page, 

had been struggling with an illness for a while and passed away on the 21st of December 2017, at the age of 51.
Tetsuo I - II Original Soundtrack is a re-issue of the 1992 Tetsuo CD and features tracks from both films.