Thursday, 31 January 2019

Pessary – Laid To Rest (1992)

Country: England

1. Collapse 02:19
2. Laid To Rest (Part 1) 03:07
3. The Curse 05:21
4. The Return 03:26
5. Rigor Mortis 04:20
6. Nightfall 04:45
7. Laid To Rest (Part 2) 02:57
8. Necropsy 04:22
9. Edge Of Darkness 03:19
10. Journey's End 05:26
11. Decompose 05:58

Neil Chaney is a film music composer.
He has recorded and performed in several experimental bands while his own industrial project Pessary 
was a mix of industrial/dark ambient/noise and horror film-score inspired sound-scapes.
With Pessary Neil recorded two albums, "Inward Collapse" and "Laid To Rest",
both released by the Dirter Promotions label and he also recorded several cassettes.
In 2006 he assisted Justin Mitchell in the resurrection of the band Satori
 and toured Japan with fellow Brits Sutcliffe Jügend in April 2007.
With Satori he also performed throughout Europe and the UK in 2008.
Neil and Rob Maycock (founding member of Satori) were also part of the UK thrash/heavy metal band Obliteration.
Neil has been composing music scores for several short films since 2009.
He has worked in the sci-fi film "Jerome's Weakness" (2009)
and "Tracker" (Winner of the "Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Challenge" 2009),
as well as composed the trailer music for the spy/action tv series "Trigger Point" (2012–2013).
His first feature length score was for the horror/thriller film "Stalker" (2010) directed by Martin Kemp.
In 2012 Neil composed the score for the horror comedy film "Strippers vs Werewolves"
that was released by the Swedish soundtrack label Screamworks/MovieScore Media.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Dead Christ – Satan's Hunger (7'' EP 1993)

Country: England

1. Eclipse Of Light 02:56
2. Satan's Hunger 03:16
3. Burning Jesus Christ 01:32

Dead Christ was a black/death metal band from Great Britain that was formed around 1990.
Two members of them were also part of the UK doom metal band Subspecies.
Dead Christ released three demos and the second one entitled "The Mortuary Mass", 
was published as a split with the Greek band Nazarene Deceiver.
Their only commercially available product, and also their last one,  was the 7" ep "Satan's Hunger
released through the Greek Molon Lave Records in 1993.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Nymph Faithest – Longing For The Otherworld (1997)

Country: Sweden

1. Creed 04:58
2. And Upon Them Great Vengeance Will Be Executed... 08:45
3. Longing For The Otherworld 04:22
4. Derelict Core 05:28
5. ...With Wrathful Chastisement 07:00
6. Tranquilized At Last    06:59
7. Crimson Filth 03:28

Nymph Faithest was founded in 1993 by Jan Bohman in Sweden.
Bohman wanted to make illustrations with sounds and to depict his inner thoughts within the soundscapes.
The music was initially created as painkillers to the trivial and the narrow rules that people live their lives.
Back then, Bohman was not willing to share his compositions to anyone,
the music was all to personal and not to be played in the outside world.
The salvation came when he collaborated with Jouni Havukainen of In Slaughter Natives.
As a live member and lyric provider on the In Slaughter Natives "Purgate My Stain" CD,
Bohman built up his confidence so that he finally share his compositions.
In the spring of 1996 Bohman moved to Prague for some months, and it was also there where he received
most of the inspiration to finish his album "Longing For The Otherworld" and wrote/adapted most of the songs on the CD.
He also got inspired by the rich cultural environment and shot the photos that later were used on the sleeve of the CD.
The music of Nymph Faithest is the sounds of deception and of inner search.
The object is to bring the listener into his own Otherworld with a depressive but ravelling state of mind.
The journey to the Otherworld is the admittance to the phrase "Die before you die, say yes to death... yes to yourself".
After the Prague time Bohman went back to Sweden and attended a tour with In Slaughter Natives,
where in Nuremberg he established contact with Art Konkret label who decided to release the material.
The CD contains seven tracks and two of them are written together with Peter Andersson of Raison D’être.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Memories Yet To Come 2018

In alphabetical order:

1. Ad Hominem Napalm For All (Full-length 2018)
2. Akrabu – Kispu Ina Ina Nekelmu (Reissue 2018)
3. Alice In Chains
Rainier Fog (Full-length 2018)
4. Alrakis
Echoes From η Carinae (Full-length 2018)
5. Autokrator
Hammer Of The Heretics (Full-length 2018)
6. Caedes Cruenta - Cult Of Eibon – The Wizard Of Yaddith - The Sleeper Of R'Lyeh (Split 7'' EP 2018)
7. Colin Stetson
Hereditary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2018)
8. Dakhma
Hamkar Atonement (Full-length 2018)
9. Daron Malakian And Scars On Broadway
Dictator (Full-length 2018)
10. Dead Can Dance
Dionysus (Full-length 2018)
11. Det Eviga Leendet
Lenience (Full-length 2018)
12. Embrace Of Thorns
Scorn Aesthetics (Full-length 2018)
13. Entropy Created Consciousness
Impressions Of The Morning Star (Full-length 2018)
14. Equitant – The Circle Of Agurak (Compilation 2018)
15. Exiled Shadow – North Abyss Shadows (Compilation 2018)
16. Heads For The Dead
Serpent's Curse (Full-length 2018)
17. Jóhann Jóhannsson
Mandy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2018)
18. King Dude – Music To Make War To (Full-length 2018)
19. Knokkelklang
Jeg Begraver (Full-length 2018)
20. Kwade Droes
De Duivel En Zijn Gore Oude Kankermoer (Full-length 2018)
21. Lykaionas
The Diabolical Manifesto (Full-length 2018) 
22. Medieval Demon Medieval Necromancy (Full-length 2018)
23. Myrkraverk
Nær Døden (Full-length 2018)
24. MZ.412 – Ulvens Broder (10'' EP 2018)
25. Ov Shadows
The Darkness Between Stars (Full-length 2018)
26. Sequestered Keep – The Vale Of Ruined Towers (Full-length 2018)
27. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows
The Spiral Sacrifice (Full-length 2018)
28. Sorcier Des Glaces
Sorcier Des Glaces (Full-length 2018)
29. Spectral Wound
Infernal Decadence (Full-length 2018)
30. Varde – Asgaardsreien (EP 2018)

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Louis And Bebe Barron – Forbidden Planet (1976)

Composer: Louis And Bebe Barron

1. Main Titles - Overture 02:21
2. Deceleration 00:55
3. Once Around Altair 01:10
4. The Landing 00:50
5. Flurry Of Dust - A Robot Approaches 01:10
6. A Shangri-La In The Desert / Garden With Cuddly Tiger 01:33
7. Graveyard-A Night With Two Moons 01:16
8. "Robby, Make Me A Gown" 01:18
9. An Invisible Monster Approaches 00:48
10. Robby Arranges Flowers, Zaps Monkey 01:18
11. Love At The Swimming Hole 03:12
12. Morbius' Study 00:38
13. Ancient Krell Music 01:48
14. The Mind Booster - Creation Of Matter 00:58
15. Krell Shuttle Ride And Power Station 02:34
16. Giant Footprints In The Sand 00:45
17. "Nothing Like This Claw Found In Nature!" 01:26
18. Robby, The Cook, And 60 Gallons Of Booze 01:07
19. Battle With Invisible Monster 02:55
20. "Come Back To Earth With Me" 01:19
21. The Monster Pursues - Morbius Is Overcome 05:49
22. The Homecoming 01:59
23. Overture - Reprise 02:15

Bebe Barron (June 16, 1925 – April 20, 2008) and Louis Barron (April 23, 1920 – November 1, 1989)
were two American pioneers in the field of electronic music.
They are credited with writing the first electronic music for magnetic tape,
and the first entirely electronic film score for the MGM movie Forbidden Planet (1956).
The couple married in 1947 and moved to New York City.
The first electronic music for magnetic tape composed in America
was completed by Louis and Bebe in 1950 and was titled Heavenly Menagerie.
MGM producer Dore Schary discovered the couple and hired them on the spot
to compose the musical score for Forbidden Planet.
The Barrons' electronic composition is credited with being the first completely electronic film score, 
preceding the invention of the Moog synthesizer by eight years (1964).
Using ideas from the book Cybernetics: Or Control And Communication In The Animal And The Machine (1948)
by the mathematician and electrical engineer Norbert Wiener,
Louis Barron constructed his own electronic circuits that he used to generate the score's "bleeps, hums and screeches". Most of these sounds were generated using an electronic circuit called a "ring modulator".
After recording the basic sounds, the Barrons further manipulated the sounds by adding other effects, 
such as reverberation and delay, and reversing or changing the speeds of certain sounds.
Since Bebe and Louis Barron did not belong to the Musicians Union,
their work could not be considered for an Academy Award, in either the "soundtrack" or the "sound effects" categories.
MGM declined to publish a soundtrack album at the time that Forbidden Planet was released.
However, film composer and conductor David Rose later published a 7" single of his original main title theme
that he had recorded at the MGM Studios in Culver City during March 1956.
His main title theme had been discarded when Rose, who had originally been hired to compose the musical score in 1955, was discharged from the project by Dore Schary.
The Barrons finally released their soundtrack in 1976 as an LP album for the film's 20th anniversary,
on their own Planet Records label (later changed to Small Planet Records and distributed by GNP Crescendo Records).
The LP was premiered at MidAmeriCon, the 34th World Science Fiction Convention, held in Kansas City,
as part of a 20th Anniversary celebration of Forbidden Planet.
The Barrons were there promoting their album's first release, signing all the copies sold at the convention.
A decade later, in 1986, their soundtrack was released on a music CD for the film's 30th Anniversary, 
with a six-page color booklet containing images from Forbidden Planet,
plus liner notes from the composers, Bebe and Louis Barron, and Bill Malone.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Hoedh – Hymnvs (1993)

Country: Germany

1. Heilige (Sophisme Sonores) 10:27
2. Hoedh (Sonnenklang) 03:23
3. Vom Zauber Der Weihe 04:04
4. Hymnus (Neuroprogrammierung) 09:53
5. Aurora (Pfad Der Imagination) 07:05
6. Das Geistige Universum 12:19
7. Heilige (Mantra Der Rotation) 08:22

Hoedh was the personal project of German ambient & trance artist Thorn Hoedh Thiel 
(member of Die Wappen Des Thodt, DLS, Helix 12, Moksha, Ordo Catharis Templi, Zoomorph),
who prematurely died in May 2003.
"Hymnvs" was his first release in 1993 through Dark Vinyl's sublabel Atmosphere.
In 2004 Dark Vinyl Records released the second and last studio album "Universum"

that was the musical testament of the project.
Beautiful and melancholic, emotional ambient soundscapes from an extraordinary talent that was Thorn Hoedh Thiel.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Land Of Passion – The Prayer (Demo 1993)

Country: France

1. Joy Around 07:04
2. Song For Lucy 05:33
3. Lonesome Guys 05:25
4. The Prayer 09:16
5. Dying Deep 12:19
6. We Fall 03:12
7. Into My Soul 05:11
8. Gothic Night 04:54

 Land Of Passion was originally founded in 1989 by Lagartija Nick (gtr), Stefan Zimny (bass) and Fred Andre (vox).
Federico Iovino (drums) joined the band in 1990.
Bands name was at this time The Nomads Land and recorded one demo tape.
In 1991 the band decided to change its name into Land Of Passion.
Andre & Zimny left the band in 1991/92 and Mister H & Jeff Sholley (bass) came in 1992
followed by Pat (gtr) in the beginning 1993.
With this line up (Lagartija, Iovino, Sholley, Pat, & Mister H), the band played many gigs all over Europe until fall 1998
with bands such as Clan Of Xymox, Faith & The Muse, Angina Pectoris, Ordo Equitum Solis, Into The Abyss etc.
Land Of Passion recorded several demos and one full length album.
They also contributed to many tape & CD compilations and has been reviewed in magazines all over the world.
Fall 1998 Mister H & Pat decided to leave the band.
Then, Nick, Federico & Jeff decided to stop playing live to work in studio on the next album.
As the line up and the music both evolved a lot, the band decided to change its name into Popoї Sdioh in 2000.