Sunday, 30 April 2017

Die Wappen Des Thodt – Seven (1998)

Country: Germany

1. Doors To Heaven 05:32
2. Seven 05:34
3. The Quiet 11:06
4. Rose Of Delight 05:29
5. Angel II (Sacred Version) 06:44
6. A Mystic Heart 05:48
7. Augen Durch Die Nacht 07:22

Die Wappen Des Thodt was a German band that was formed by Paul Hostia and Thorn Hoedh.
Their first appearance was on one track on the first Ordo Catharis Templi compilation in 1993 
entitled "Hermetisches Rosencreutz: Templum Comparatio" that was released through Unclean Productions 
and later was re-released through Dark Vinyl Records.
The German duo had already many projects and collaborations like Ordo Catharis Templi,  
Hoedh, Hostia, Delysid, Helix 12, Moksha and Zoomorph.
In 1996 a limited edition 12" picture disc entitled "In Memoriam" was released.
"Seven" was released in 1998 through Dark Vinyl Records and was their first, and last, full length album.
Here the band incorporated operatic chants and stylized neoclassical sounds 

mixed with neofolk and ethereal/dark ambient atmospheres.
Thorn Hoedh passed away in 2003.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mnemonic – Shades From A Missing Epoch (Demo 1995)

Country: Sweden

1. Shades From A Missing Epoch 03:00
2. Sanguinary 03:25
3. Ledge Of Darkness 03:17
4. The End Of Humanity 02:57

The Swedish melodic death metal band Mnemonic was formed in early 1994 under the monicker Deformed.
In the summer of the same year Deformed released their first demo "Obsessed By The Past".
After their drummer and bass player quit the band the rest of the members changed their name to Mnemonic.
In 1995 Mnemonic with their new line up recorded their first demo entitled "Shades From A Missing Epoch".
Later that year a few other line-up changes occurred as well 
and finally in 1996 Mnemonic released their second and last demo entitled "While We Dream".
The band was put to rest some time in the year 2000.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Unholy Pantheon – Dominion Of Chaos (Demo 1999)

Country: Greece

1. Blasphemy Eternal 05:59
2. Anthems Of Evil 05:30
3. Dominion Of Chaos 05:17
4. Immortal Existence 04:17

Furious fast paced black metal from Greece with distorted vocals, drum machine and some excellent riffing parts
is what Unholy Pantheon offered back in 1999 with their "Dominion Of Chaos" release.
This short lived one man band, that was created in 1996,
released only this promo/demo before vanishing into obscurity.