Monday, 2 September 2013

Nærvær ‎– Demonstration 95 (Demo 1995)

Country: Norway

1. Vage Tanker 00:47
2. Tenk Stille (Dagen Derp
å) 05:11
3. I Regn... 03:09
4. En Som... 08:51
5. Tenk Stille 02:58
6. Dvale 01:05
7. Da Skogene Brant... 04:17
8. Vemod 03:35

Nærvær was founded by Terje Sagen and Jan K. Transeth (best known as the main vocalist of In The Woods...
after Sagen left the metal group, Innhalator. The influences of Nærvær range from Nick Cave and Bob Dylan 
to bands like Suicidal Tendencies (even though these influences don’t necessarily appear in the music). 
The bands lyrics and philosophy mostly are related with the restoring of the balance between people and nature. 
The music has been described as neofolk, avant-garde, and experimental. 
Female vocals, flute, cello, contrabass and the distinguished voice of Transeth are some of the main elements 
that this demo has to offer. The core of the band has always been Sagen and Transeth
but other members include former members of In The Woods..., Green Carnation, and many other people.
The band has also released a 7'' ep in 1997 and a full-length album in 2001.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gaahlskagg / Stormfront ‎– Erotic Funeral Party I / Styggmyrs Triumf (Split 1999)

Country: Norway

1. Gaahlskagg Lek No Lit(t) M.O.K. 00:31
2. Gaahlskagg
Skullfuck 05:45
3. Gaahlskagg
N - 13 01:48
4. Stormfront
Styggmyrs Triumf 04:30
5. Stormfront
Trolltog - En Reise Gjennom Glemselen 05:53

Gaahlskagg formed in Bergen, Norway in 1998 and is a side project of Gaahl and Skagg
They play raw old-school black metal with some industrial tendencies which are more noticable in their full-length 
"Erotic Funeral", which was recorded in Grieghallen studios and released in 2000.
Their second full-length album entitled “Av Norrønt Blod” has been announced for so many years now 

but suffers a huge delay due to the fact that both Gaahl and Skagg have other more important projects.
For this upcoming release Hoest (of Taake) will do some guest vocals.
Stormfront was formed in 1996 in Lillehammer and "Styggmyrs Triumf" is their demo 

that was released in 1997 with 3 different covers and was limited to 200 copies.
Their style is typical Norwegian black metal but with a lot of mid tempo parts 
reminding a lot of Dimmu Borgir's "For All Tid" album. 
Stormfront after a 13 years hiatus released in 2012 a split with Necrostrigis.


Septic Flesh ‎– Ophidian Wheel (1997)

Country: Greece

1. The Future Belongs To The Brave 06:12
2. The Ophidian Wheel 05:19
3. Phallic Litanies 05:55
4. Razor Blades Of Guilt 05:01
5. Tartarus 03:36
6. On The Topmost Step Of The Earth 06:42
7. Microcosmos 01:34
8. Geometry In Static 05:25
9. Shamanic Rite 05:16
10. Heaven Below 05:44
11. Enchantment 00:49

Septicflesh (formerly known as Septic Flesh) are a symphonic death metal band that were formed in Athens, 
March, 1990 by Sotiris Vayenas (guitars), Spiros Antoniou (bass and vocals), and Christos Antoniou (guitars),
and quickly released a debut EP, Temple of the Lost Race in December, 1991.
The band recorded their first full-length album Mystic Places of Dawn
in April 1994 at the Storm studio with the co-production of Magus Wampyr Daoloth.
For the releases of The Ophidian Wheel (1997) and A Fallen Temple (1998) a female vocalist, Natalie Rassoulis, was added.
The group split up in October 2003, and after the breakup, its members moved on to different or existing projects.
In 2007, the band reunited for a seventh full-length CD, for French record label Season of Mist.
According to guitarist and composer Christos Antoniou, the release would feature a full orchestra and a choir,
totaling 80 musicians and 32 singers.Septic Flesh finalized the new album, Communion, in Studio Fredman in Sweden;
it was released in April 2008. By this time the band had changed its name from Septic Flesh to Septicflesh.
According to guitarist Christos it looks better and states a new phase in the band.
On September 10, 2009, the band announced that they had begun work on a new studio album,
tentatively planned for release in the beginning of 2011, entitled The Great Mass.