Saturday, 27 August 2016

Principia Audiomatica – Systematic Sonority (1995)

Country: Croatia

1. Selforganizing Homeostatic Systems 07:02
2. Holographically Connected System 05:33
3. Functionally Isomorphic Systems 12:18
4. Encapsulated Modular System 03:28
5. Cognitive Penetrating System 05:45
6. Interactive Quantum System 06:43
7. Central Nervous System 06:06
8. Closed Thermodynamic System 07:59

Miljenko Rajaković aka Dj Mary (co-founder of Implant Code project & electro-industrial DJ in various European clubs) 
and Siniša Očurščak (founder of the TeHÔM project on NER/World Serpent, professor of philosophy in Zagreb) 
were the active minds behind the Principia Audiomatica project.
 "Systematic Sonority" was their debut album for the Italian label Minus Habens Records in 1995, 
based on eight different notions of the environmental systems. 
This work shows an impressive vision on the theme, that lead to a complete development 
of the brilliant "Biodigit" MCD of Implant Code, creating cold and lost electronic ambient structures, 
sometime fused with mind-absorbing rhythms.
Siniša Očurščak died of cancer in 1997 while Miljenko re-activate the project in 2010 
and started working on a new material for an upcoming album release.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Ever Dark – Gravesite Rites (Demo 1994)

Country: United States

1. Intro 03:09
2. Gravesite Rites 09:26
3. Hellfire's Touch 03:55
4. Chanting 07:18

Ever Dark was formed in February 1990 by Storm and John "Berzerker".
From day one they sought to lead and create their own style of "Dark Graveyard Metal".
Their three song demo "Christian Execution" never came into existence.
In 1991 Storm left the first line-up behind for a second one, which failed, so in 1992 the band split up.
In February '93 John talked Storm into reforming the band with John's previous band members.
After that Chris joined the band and in May '93 Jay came as session drummer but later he joined fully.
The band wrote 4 new songs, 3 of which were recorded for their "Gravesite Rites" demo that was released in 1994.
Late May '94 they recruited Tom for a twin lead guitar team and they played a few huge gigs to promote the band.
The demo-sales were going pretty good and soon Full Moon Productions approached them for a 7" EP

which later ended up as a planned split CD with Naglfar.
The split CD never happened so Full Moon had them record a mini CD entitled "Armageddon's Birth", 

unleashing 4 new tracks and a demo song.
In the summer of 1996 Ever Dark signed to II Moons.
The recording for their first full length album, entitled "Not Of God" started in October '96 and released in 1997.
After the release of the album the band ceased to exist although there are rumors 

that they assembled in 2006 and split up again in 2010.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Black Raven – The Solitude Of Ravens (MCD 1997)

Country: Italy

1. Solitude Of Ravens 03:09
2. Solitude 03:06
3. III 03:41
4. IV 02:31
5. Macht 03:52

From the 1990 Angel G. Villani has created various musical jobs, including theatre and video works.
His first project was the classical-ambient band Agonije, that was discovered and produced by Marco Milanesio of DsorDNE.
In 1991 begins the collaboration with Marco Milanesio and between 1991 and 1994 

he participates in the Festival Young Cinema of Turin with his works of experimental video.
In 1994 Agonije released their first cd Testament, produced and distributed by the Swiss label of contemporary music 

Ar-Goat / Allegoria Rec. while Villani gives live performances in Italy and Switzerland in collaboration with Kor-At.
In 1997 the same label, publishes the cd of his new project Black Raven entitled The Solitude Of Ravens

composed with the American musician Michael Todd.
After that Villani begins his collaboration with Claudio Ottavi Fabbrianesi, musician and director of theater and cinema 

and together they produce the video-installation: Figura Umana of Agar Teatro
a job inspired to the works of Francis Bacon and collaborates with Paola Bianchi and Paola Chiama.
In 2007 he finishes the project: En-d-Core, initiated to Mexico City and he meets Peter Greenaway

He also creates in Barcelona the video-installations Esperar and Blues For Derek
with the latter one being inspired by the jobs of Derek Jarman and William S. Burroughs.
He currently works between Turin and Barcelona.