Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Choronzon – Magog Agog (1998)

Country: United States

1. Intro: Dust 03:18
2. Love, Strength: Lies 07:56
3. Perdurabo (Magog Agog) 05:56
4. Under the Leaves 00:53
5. Crimson Awakening 10:18
6. Demon 05:58
7. Void 06:08
8. 333 09:32
9. Choronzon 12:14

Choronzon is an American band whose twin roots lie in industrial and black metal music. 
They began as two separate and entirely unrelated bands with the same name: 
the eastern half was a Florida based black metal-styled band formed in 1986 by multi-media artist P. Emerson Williams, while its western counterpart was the San Francisco old school industrial project of Demitria Monde Thraam
In 2002, the two respective Choronzons became aware of each other via the internet, 
and agreed to share use of the name, before going still further and collaborating musically.
Prior to the merging of Choronzons, the East Coast Choronzon (P. Emerson Williams
released a series of self produced cassettes before being signed to the record label Nocturnal Art Productions in 1998, 
and released the debut album Magog Agog. Three more albums followed, in which the sound moved further away 
from conventional black metal into industrial and experimental territories. 
The first release from the conjoined Choronzon was the double album New World Chaos, produced in 2005.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Falkenbach ‎– ...En Their Medh Riki Fara... (1996)

Country: Iceland

1. Galdralag 06:17
2. Heathenpride 08:40
3. Laeknishendr 06:15
4. Ultima Thule 03:21
5. Asum Ok Alfum Naer... 07:43
6. Winternight 04:20
7. ...Into the Ardent Awaited Land... 06:00

 Falkenbach is a one-man folk-black metal metal project created by Markus Tümmers aka Vratyas Vakyas
 (literally, “The Searching Wanderer”), also owner of Skaldic Art Productions
Vratyas Vakyas lived in Iceland for a considerable time, but now lives in Düsseldorf, Germany again. 
Throughout the band’s lifetime, Falkenbach has progressed from a rawer, more “black” sound towards 
viking-influenced folk metal with mainly clean vocals. Vakyas’ music is nowdays accompanied by session musicians.
After the release of several demos during the period 1989-1995, in 1995 Vratyas entered the Blue House Studio 

to start recording Falkenbach's debut album “…En Their Medh Riki Fara…”, 
which was completed in 1996 and released via No Colours Records.
Most of the lyrics are written in English, but some are written in Norræna (old Icelandic), Latin, and Old German.

Recommended track listening: Winternight.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Backworld ‎– Anthems From The Pleasure Park (1999)

Country: United States

1. Of Seven Things 02:33
2. Leaves Of Autumn 03:44
3. Pleasure Park 03:33
4. Flowers Of Passion 04:09
5. The Devil's Plaything 04:11
6. Sirens Of Titan 04:04
7. Destroying Angel 02:34
8. Lake Of Ice 03:20
9. After The Fall 04:14
10. Magick Is Love 04:31
11. In The Beginning Was The End 03:59
12. The Shadow Of Eden 04:59
13. The Naked Soul 03:56
14. Bed Of Stone 02:57

Joseph Budenholzer grew up in Nebraska, immersed in the rural lore and religious traditions of the region.
As a boy he attended parochial school where he was taught by nuns to play guitar for folk Mass.
Backworld was formed in 1993 owing to Budenholzer’s growing passion for English folk music,
 minimalist classical composition, Christian mysticism, and a desire to make music that could reflect these interests 
and hopefully be as spiritual and beautiful.
Guest performers on BW albums have included Jarboe of Swans and Michael Cashmore of Current 93.
In 2006 Joseph returned to NYC after three years living in Scotland where he recorded the bulk of 'Good Infection'
 released in 2007, enlisting the talents of Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian, Gentle Waves),
 David Tibet (Current 93) and Drew McDowall (Coil).
Other notable collaborations include playing in Current 93 and co-writing and producing the Little Annie album
 "Songs from the Coal Mine Canary" with Antony Hegarty (Antony and The Johnsons).
Anthems from the Pleasure Park combines masterful sound arrangement, very pretty melodies and brilliant yet melancholy songwriting to bring you a musical delight. Featuring as guests Jarboe, Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee.