Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Vinterkrig ‎– Härskare Över Stjärnorna Och Mina Drömmar (Demo 1997)

Country: Sweden

1. Sorgen Som Föll Med Natten 06:11
2. Silver Nätters Regn 05:01
3. Härskare Över Stjärnorna Och Mina Drömmar 05:29
4. L.I.R. 01:08
5. Tillsammans Jagar Vi 06:53

The Swedish black metal act Vinterkrig came together in Stockholm in 1996. 
In March the following year they entered Peter Tagtgren's the Abyss Studio 
to record the five track demo “Harskare Over Stjarnorna Och Mina Drommar” 
that was produced by Mikael Hedlund of Hypocrisy
A few days after finishing the demo the band performed live 
one final time with Naglfar in Stockholm before splitting up in 1997.
Martin Mendez and Martin Lopez went on to join Opeth and also formed the band Fifth To Infinity with Jonas Reslan.

Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra ‎– The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypses (1999)

Country: Ukraine

1. The Key to the Gates of Apocalypses 01:12:03

Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra was the dark project of Knjaz Varggoth 
(also the leader of the Kharkiv band Nokturnal Mortum). 
As Knjaz Varggoth needed a project to express his most inner feelings and thoughts, 
he was the sole member of the band that written and recorded the music for the project.
His first albums were fully instrumental acts stretching more towards the ambient genre.
In the autumn of 1998 Knjaz Varggoth recorded "The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypses", 

an one-track concept album that totals over 70 minutes long. 
This can be regarded as a mixture of black metal and strangulating dark ambience. 
The CD was released by The End Records.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Nefandus ‎– The Nightwinds Carried Our Names (1996)

Country: Sweden

1. Intro / Secula Delenda 00:43
2. Fire Be My Name 05:13
3. The Wisdom Within 05:22
4. Through Tranquillity And Into The Storms 03:25
5. Att Fira Jesu Död 03:47
6. For Each Pare Of Hornes 03:34
7. From Beyond The Gates 05:06
8. At The Dawn Of A Black Existence 04:23
9. Death's Beauty I Met 05:21
10. The Nightwinds Carried Our Names 04:37
11. Outro / We Enlightened The Flames 03:08

Nefandus was founded in 1993 by Belfagor, Ushatar and Blackwinged.
The band released a demo tape entitled "Behold The Hordes" in 1995, 

when they had chosen the name Nefandus after a few other alternatives.
In 1996 came their debut fullength album through Secula Delenda productions 

entitled "The Nightwinds Carried Our Names".
After many years of silence Nefandus entered the studio in 2008 and recorded their second fullength CD

 "Death Holy Death", which was released by Belfagor´s own label Left Light Emanations.
Soon the band released a MCD entitled "Your God Is A Ghost" through Daemon Worship Productions.
Their third fullength album entitled "Reality Cleaver" was released in 2014.
In April 2015 Belfagor decided to quit Nefandus due to personal reasons and focusing on his other band Ofermod.
Today Nefandus is still active with Ushatar being the only member remaining from their old era.