Sunday, 20 November 2016

Chöd – Ishtar Aux Enfers (7'' EP 1999)

Country: France

1. Ishtar Aux Enfers 04:13
2. Le Déluge Babylonien 04:19

Chöd was a dark ambient ritual occult one-man band from France formed by Dominique Maud.
The band existed from 1995 to 1999 and released three cassettes albums and a 7'' EP.
Ishtar Aux Enfers was issued on the French Athanor label as a limited release of 323 handnumbered copies 
and as a private limited release of 10 handnumbered copies.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Cadra Ash – Secrets (MCD 1998)

Country: Germany

1. Secrets 04:08
2. Inner Strife 05:22
3. Everything 's Gone By 03:40
4. Nerve 03:14
5. Act Of Violence 04:57

Cadra Ash (the moth that has turned to ashes) was a gothic rock band from Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Initially founded in 1994 by Tom Dornebusch (bass/programming) and Thomas Wiezorrek (guitar) 

with singer Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez.
In 1995 they released their eponymous 4-track demo tape.
Many strong live performances lead to Cadra Ash's reputation as a band of high potentials.
Several interviews and a contribution to the "Gothic Grimoire" compilation helped them to become recognized.
Tatiana Fernandez left the band in late 1996, while Tom Dornebusch 

temporarily played for the gothic rock band The House of Usher as a guest musician.
Shortly thereafter singer Rabea Lange completed the line-up again.
In the spring of 1998 Cadra Ash released their "Secrets" MCD as a part of the split-CD 

"Emanation The Sounds Of New Hope Part III" with the label Alice In...
also featuring the bands Pictures Of Agony and Salt Of Anguish.
Cadra Ash were represented from 1997 to 2005 at numerous festivals in various European countries, 

completed various club gigs and played as the opening act of renowned bands such as Faith And The Muse
The Sisters Of Mercy, Atrocity, The Escape, The Merry Thoughts and Funhouse most impressively.
During this time they also released several tracks in compilations.
The band produced various MCDs in different editions, partly in their own production.
Their last release was a promo MCD that was actually a pre-listening of their planned album "Everything's Gone By", 

which has not yet been published. 
After 2005 it became quiet around Cadra Ash and there is no longer a vital sign of the band.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Lestregus Nosferatus – Oh Come All Ye Faithful... Tonight We Feast (Demo 1995)

Country: United States

1. Vampires Drink Deep 09:55
2. Sixteenth Chamber 03:41
3. Lestrega 06:58
4. Slave To The Grave 06:31
5. Forgotten Flesh 04:56

Death/black metal band that formed in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
They released four demos and split-up in 1995.
The original lineup consisted of vocalist Michael "MyKill" Hankins, guitarists Steve "Skullator" Shoemaker and Doug Watts, bassist Scott Waldrop and drummer Rich Fuchsia but through the years the band went onto many line up changes.
In 2011 they reformed as Le Streghe Nosferatus.
Ron Vento, former member of the band, after leaving Lestregus Nosferatus formed Aurora Borealis,
that featured on their MCD "Mansions Of Eternity" cover versions of demo tracks of Lestregus Nosferatus.