Sunday, 28 February 2016

Xharathorn – Immemorial Atlantic Veneration (MCD 1996)


Country: Spain

1. Immemorial Atlantic Veneration 04:35
2. The Triumph That Will Give Birth To The Uprising Golden Era (The Ultimate Reign Rises) 03:40
3. Poderes 04:36
4. In Diabolical Posse I'm Carried By The Stellar Storms 02:31
5. The Unheard Dismal Cry Of A Self-Abnegated Monarch 05:36

Xharathorn was a Spanish black metal band that was formed in 1992.
Their line up was: Sir Lucimrev (vocals), Iblis Trismegisto (guitars) and Lovhazhon (drums, bass).
In 1994 they released a rehearsal promo tape with four tracks.
The next year Sir Lucimrev left the band and was replaced by Goab.
In 1995 Xharathorn offered a live performance which was recorded on audio and video.
From this gig came up their "Iberian Wrath" live demo which featured six tracks of violent unholy black metal.
In 1996 they spawn their last effort the "Immemorial Atlantic Veneration" MCD.
After this release the band split up.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Skalp ‎– Registratur / Ambivalenz (10'' EP 1996)


Country: Germany

1. Cold Desire 04:17
2. Don't Turn 06:10
3. Work 05:10
4. Rotation 03:45
5. Dedicated 03:21
6. Heartbeat 07:36

Stefan Roigk is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Germany 
who deals with the borders between sound collages, sculptures, installations, film and graphical scores.
His artistic strategy lays in the combination of different types of media to one single composition.
Skalp is another project of Stefan Roigk (also involved in Keimbefall, Kenotaph, Religious Vision and some other bands), which offers dark and apocalyptic industrial, nicely arranged with totally distorted singing, church-chorales, 
effected synths and slow pounding rhythms with a slight deep-end orchestral feel.
The EP was released on a limited edition of 600 hand numbered copies on milky-white/clear vinyl in a foldout sleeve.
Arranged and recorded in September 1995 and released by Tesco Organisation label.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mortifer – Masters Of The Universe (1998)

Country: Sweden

1. Masters Of The Universe 04:39
2. Hymn Of The Scythian Heroes 04:37
3. Running Out Of Time 04:45
4. Blade Of The Barbarian - Death Of A Savage 05:15
5. Master Blaster 04:34
6. Jaws In The Night 04:51
7. Demonraising 03:24
8. Deathriders 05:42
9. Eternal Winter 03:47
10. City Of The Old Ones - Mountains Of Madness - The Rise Of The Old Ones 06:34

A Tumba based black metal act with touches of epic-thrash metal
forged by bassist/keyboard player Jonas "Heinous" Berndt (aka Goth Gorgon), 
prior to his founding of Mörk Gryning, who also has association with Diabolical and Wyvern.
Raise Hell and Sins Of Omission guitarist Jonas Nilsson also participated in an early line-up.
A two song 1994 demo session featured vocalist Daniel.
Far Beyond Human Productions released their second demo, "Battle Of Titans" featuring guitarist Peter Wendin, in 1996. 
A third demo that released in 1997 entitled "Running Out Of Time", included a cover version of Kreator's "Take Their Lives".
The group then recorded tracks during 1998 for an intended full length album, 
given the title "Masters Of The Universe", but this was never released. 
For this album the band did not hesitate to even use "The Ecstasy Of Gold" theme by Ennio Morricone 
(part of his score for the Sergio Leone film "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly") on the track "Deathriders".
Mortifer's final effort, the single track promotional session "Harbringer Of Horror", emerged in 1999.
Their final roster involved Heinous, Dementor (Danny Eideholm) and drummer Devastator (Dennis Ekdahl).