Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mortifer – Masters Of The Universe (1998)

Country: Sweden

1. Masters Of The Universe 04:39
2. Hymn Of The Scythian Heroes 04:37
3. Running Out Of Time 04:45
4. Blade Of The Barbarian - Death Of A Savage 05:15
5. Master Blaster 04:34
6. Jaws In The Night 04:51
7. Demonraising 03:24
8. Deathriders 05:42
9. Eternal Winter 03:47
10. City Of The Old Ones - Mountains Of Madness - The Rise Of The Old Ones 06:34

A Tumba based black metal act with touches of epic-thrash metal
forged by bassist/keyboard player Jonas "Heinous" Berndt (aka Goth Gorgon), 
prior to his founding of Mörk Gryning, who also has association with Diabolical and Wyvern.
Raise Hell and Sins Of Omission guitarist Jonas Nilsson also participated in an early line-up.
A two song 1994 demo session featured vocalist Daniel.
Far Beyond Human Productions released their second demo, "Battle Of Titans" featuring guitarist Peter Wendin, in 1996. 
A third demo that released in 1997 entitled "Running Out Of Time", included a cover version of Kreator's "Take Their Lives".
The group then recorded tracks during 1998 for an intended full length album, 
given the title "Masters Of The Universe", but this was never released. 
For this album the band did not hesitate to even use "The Ecstasy Of Gold" theme by Ennio Morricone 
(part of his score for the Sergio Leone film "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly") on the track "Deathriders".
Mortifer's final effort, the single track promotional session "Harbringer Of Horror", emerged in 1999.
Their final roster involved Heinous, Dementor (Danny Eideholm) and drummer Devastator (Dennis Ekdahl).

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