Friday, 27 July 2012

Black Sunrise ‎– Under A Moonlight Sky (Demo 1996)

Country: Italy

1. Black Sunrise 03:33
2. Silvanthropy: A Tale from the Dark Woods 06:25
3. Armageddon 02:51
4. Bad Moon Ballad 06:36

First Demo release from Italy's Black Sunrise a band i recently discovered 
through a link in the blogspot's shoutbox. (thanx mate!)
The group created in 1994 by the Basile brothers 
(drummer, keyboard player, vocalist Walter and bassist, vocalist Valerio
with guitarist Valerio Vitolla.
 This is melodic black metal very well executed and with a very good production for a Demo, 
mostly played in mid-tempo speed, including excellent keyboard parts, 
reminding me in places of Empyrium's "A Wintersunset..." atmosphere.
The cover is from the re-released version.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Throne Of Ahaz ‎– On Twilight Enthroned (1996)

Country: Sweden

1. Fenris 04:02
2. The Forlorn 06:23
3. With Shadow Wings 06:14
4. On Twilight Enthroned 05:24
5. Where Veils of Grief Are Dancing Slow 05:06
6. Let Blood Paint the Ground 06:55
7. Blackthorn Crown 03:41
8. Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover) 05:38

Throne Of Ahaz was a Swedish black metal band formed in 1991 in Umeå.
On Twilight Enthroned is the bands second album, and their last one, 
incorporating grim Scandinavian black metal, early 90's style, with influences from Bathory and Venom.
Featuring members from Ancient Wisdom the album recorded in the Electric Room Studio in September 1995
 and also contains a cover version of Black Sabbath.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mortiis – Crypt Of The Wizard (1996)

Country: Norway

1. Ferden Og Kallet 05:50
2. Da Vi Bygde Tårnet 08:01
3. Under Tårnet's Skygge 05:49
4. En Sirkel Av Kosmisk Kaos 07:30
5. Vandreren's Sang 08:00
6. Den Bortdrevne Regnbuen 05:39
7. Trollmannen's Krypt 06:09
8. Stjernefødt 04:54
9. I Mørket Drømmende 05:58
10. Fanget I Krystal 03:36

Crypt of the Wizard is a compilation album by Norwegian solo artist Mortiis
though it is largely recognised as a complete album.
Recorded in Norway, it was initially released in 1996 as a series of 5 12" EP singles.
In Crypt of the Wizard Mortiis sounds more varied from his Dark Ambient repetitive material of his earlier works, 
using a larger scale of sounds.
 The number of the tracks and their length this time are helping in the variety of the album.
Crypt Of The Wizard also contains a very beautiful artwork of John Bauer
a renowned Swedish painter who's artwork was used in several children's books.
 Arranged, produced, recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by Mortiis.