Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mortiis – Crypt Of The Wizard (1996)

Country: Norway

1. Ferden Og Kallet 05:50
2. Da Vi Bygde Tårnet 08:01
3. Under Tårnet's Skygge 05:49
4. En Sirkel Av Kosmisk Kaos 07:30
5. Vandreren's Sang 08:00
6. Den Bortdrevne Regnbuen 05:39
7. Trollmannen's Krypt 06:09
8. Stjernefødt 04:54
9. I Mørket Drømmende 05:58
10. Fanget I Krystal 03:36

Crypt of the Wizard is a compilation album by Norwegian solo artist Mortiis
though it is largely recognised as a complete album.
Recorded in Norway, it was initially released in 1996 as a series of 5 12" EP singles.
In Crypt of the Wizard Mortiis sounds more varied from his Dark Ambient repetitive material of his earlier works, 
using a larger scale of sounds.
 The number of the tracks and their length this time are helping in the variety of the album.
Crypt Of The Wizard also contains a very beautiful artwork of John Bauer
a renowned Swedish painter who's artwork was used in several children's books.
 Arranged, produced, recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by Mortiis.


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