Friday, 30 September 2011

Marduk – Opus Nocturne (1994)

Country: Sweden

1. Intro / The Apperance Of Spirits Of Darkness 00:32
2. Sulphur Souls 05:40
3. From Subterranean Throne Profound 07:47
4. Autumnal Reaper 03:31
5. Materialized In Stone 05:10
6. Untrodden Paths (Wolves Part II) 05:26
7. Opus Nocturne 02:32
8. Deme Quaden Thyrane 05:06
9. The Sun Has Failed 07:21

 Marduk with "Opus Nocturne" are not only trying to use the "play as fast as you can" style (like their later albums).
Their purpose is to combine this with some more slower and melodic tunes, thus creating a freezing atmosphere.
Fast guitars but also mid-paced breaks, raw Black Metal but with a touch of melody.
Important part plays also the great production from Dan Swanö (Unisound studios
that helps the band to create their cold feeling.
Recognizable bass lines and drums straight from the pits of hell (listen to the beginning of "Deme Quaden Thyrane"). 
Early Marduk at their best.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Black Lung – Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars (1994)

Country: Australia

1. The Banque Of Worms 03:32
2. Theme From The Black Lung Pt. 2 06:26
3. The Trilateral Commision 06:48
4. Prozac Parade 05:34
5. Somatime 02:41
6. Rex 84 05:40
7. Ridjeck Theme 03:24
8. The Battle Of Brazil 04:16
9. Supermarket Dream 06:31
10. Everything You Know Is Wrong 04:02
11. Theme From Black Lung Pt. 1 07:30
12. Death Squad Blues 02:54
13. Meat Manager 03:56
14. The Bilderberg Group 10:03

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, was mostly composed of instrumental tracks
taken from Snog's first album Lies Inc. and the Hey, Christian God single.
Cinematic, electronic soundscapes mixed with David Thrussell's fascination for conspiracy theories.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Death In June – But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? (1992)

Country: England

1. Death Is The Martyr Of Beauty 03:50
2. He's Disabled 04:08
3. The Mourner's Bench 02:31
4. Because Of Him 03:46
5. Daedalus Rising 04:52
6. Little Black Angel 04:18
7. The Golden Wedding Of Sorrow 03:36
8. The Giddy Edge Of Light 05:07
9. Ku Ku Ku 01:52
10. This Is Not Paradise 05:27
11. Hollows Of Devotion 03:29
12. But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? 03:15

In this album, the early more industrial influences of Death In June are gone 
and have been replaced with a more acoustic-neofolk sound.
With the participation,among the others, of David Tibet and Michael Cashmore.
A genre-defining album that sets the standard for todays neofolk bands.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tatir – Dark Autumn Nights (Demo 1995)

Country: Greece

1. Katavasia 02:53
2. Long Lost Woods 02:10
3. Vast Land Of The Eternal Torments 04:03

Great Greek Black Metal demo in the style of early Thou Art Lord, Rotting Christ.
Recorded at the well known ''Storm Studios''.
Magus Wampyr Daoloth (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord etc.) participated in the band.
Too bad they never released a full length album.

Ulf Söderberg – Tidvatten (1998)

Country: Sweden

1. Hennes Vingars Skugga 03:43
2. I Vargmanens Tid 05:58
3. Ecuatoria 04:44
4. Tidvatten Part 1 05:35
5. Nattstaden 06:04
6. Nordvinterögon 03:10
7. Järtecken 04:05
8. Ammons Hav 03:22
9. Tempel Och Katedral Reser Sig Ur Djupen 07:10
10. Tidvatten Part 2 (Landmärken Och Väktare, I Mittens Rike, ...Och Världen Skapas Ständigt...) 13:23

Dark eerie soundscapes and ritualistic tribal drums from Ulf Söderberg, more known from his other project, Sephiroth.

Enslaved – Frost (1994)

Country: Norway

1. Frost 02:52
2. Loke 04:21
3. Fenris 07:16
4. Svarte Vidder 08:43
5. Yggdrasil 05:23
6. Jotunblod 04:07
7. Gylfaginning 05:31
8. Wotan 04:12
9. Isöders Dronning 07:45

 Enslaved set the standards in Viking-Black metal with this release.
Blast beats, Ivar Bjørnson's brilliant riffs, atmospheric keyboards, some folk-ish parts here and there,
Nordic mythical lyrics, Grutle Kjellson's impressive vocals and a "crazy" Trym Torson behind the drum-kit.
All these under the production of the mighty Grieghallen Studio.
What else can you ask for?!?
...Instant classic.

Necromass – Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana (1994)

Country: Italy

1. Night (Madness...Knowledge...Evil...) 02:59
2. Necrobaratrum 03:03
3. Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana 666 04:30
4. Exterior Circle 01:22
5. Sodomatic Orgy Of Hate 05:36
6. Black Mass Intuition (Atto 1:Introibo Ad Altare,Atto 2:Silver Reign) 07:02
7. Sadomasochist Tallow Doll 05:15
8. Into An Image of Left 02:11

With “Mysteria Mystica ZothyrianaNecromass created a masterpiece of pure hate and evil.
The influence of the album on the international Black Metal movement was crucial.
Although Necromass style is different from the typical Scandinavian Black Metal,
they created an album that is still considered a milestone in the genre.
Black arts, great compositions without missing some melodic parts,dark atmosphere and hellish vocals.
Occult Black Metal at its best.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ildfrost – Natanael (1997)

Country: Norway

1. Tatjana 01:57
2. Violetta 11:16
3. Alcides 03:00
4. Theseus 03:35
5. Cato 02:36
6. Maria 01:09
7. Abel 02:07
8. Kathinka 04:03
9. Enna Iram 03:18
10. Tratchaan 04:36
11. Hazrahm 01:30
12. Alexander 00:59
13. Tricia 05:34
14. Ariadne 11:24

Ildfrost were the first non-Swedish group on Cold Meat Industry label
Their music can be described as dark, frightening, but also challenging.
Never very active, and containing mainly subtleties, the music, while very soft and approachable,
is geared primarily towards a shift in your state of awareness, one of dreariness or oblivious withdrawal.
"Natanael consist of 13 names.Each and every name bears a secret life within itself, a story.
This story is not something permanent or concluded, the story is not ended when the person dies.
It's rather there it begins.Names are understood differently.
And when time changes the comprehension of a specific name,
only in that process does the name become a secret,and the secret a story."
A calm and relaxing album, with very dark atmosphere,
majestic recitatives and insane screams.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Troll – Trollstorm Over Nidingjuv (MCD 1996)

Country: Norway

1. Naar Natten Endelig Er Her 04:36
2. Trollstorm Over Nidingjuv 03:49
3. Over Daudens Kolde Mark 03:39
4. I Et Hedensk Land 04:14

Norway's Troll offers this MCD containing their demo 
plus one bonus track ("I Et Hedensk Land" - a tribute to their countrymen Darkthrone? ...maybe).
Excellent cold Black Metal from Nagash, with fuzzy production and razor-sharp guitars.
Just listen how the beautiful intro in the beginning slowly leads you to the opening track...fucking amazing!

Diamanda Galas – The Divine Punishment & Saint Of The Pit (1988)

Country: United States

1. Deliver Me From Mine Enemies 19:17
   I. This Is The Law Of The Plague       
   II. Deliver Me From Mine Enemies       
   III. We Shall Not Accept Your Quarantine       
   IV. Deliver Me       
   V. Yiati O Ozoe       
   VI. Psalm 22       
2. Free Among The Dead 13:36
   I. Psalm 88       
   II. Lamentations       
   III. Sono L'Antichristo       
3. La Trezieme Revient (The Thirteenth Return) 05:03   
4. E Ξελου Με (Deliver Me) 07:19   
5. L'Heauton Timoroumenos (1857) (Self-Tormentor) 06:49   
6. Artemis (1854) 05:02   
7. Cris D'Aveugle (1873) (Blind Man's Cry) 12:16

A fiercely confrontational avant-garde performer noted for her wailing, four-octave vocal range.
This shattering vocal style, is inspired by the Schrei ("shriek") opera of German expressionism
(a form employing a system of four microphones and a series of echoes and delays).
This release contains the first 2 parts of a complex trilogy (third and final part is "You Must Be Certain Of The Devil").
The texts from the first part (The Divine Punishment) are taken from the Old Testament
mixed with Galas's own cryptic lyrics, except 2-III ("Sono L'Antichristo").
In the second part (Saint Of The Pit) Diamanda's emotionally draining voice speaks for those who, like Jesus Christ,
were crucified because of their beliefs.The artist gives her voice to those who are afflicted with this slow, agonizing death.
 "Correct playback possible at maximum volume only."

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Changes – Fire Of Life (1996)

Country: United States

    1. Fire Of Life 04:19           
    2. Sweet Eve 03:04      
    3. Bleeding Out Your Feelings Evermore 03:41      
    4. The Saddest Thing 02:14      
    5. Early Morning Hours Of The Night 02:38      
    6. Memorabilia 04:23      
    7. Horizons That I See 03:17       
    8. Satanic Hymn #2 00:54       
    9. R.I.P. Van Winkle's Pipe Dream 03:20       
    10, The Stranger In The Mirror (Pt. 3) 03:56      
    11. Twilight Of The West 10:37

Fire Of Life contains analog open reel demo material from 1969 to 1974
remastered and reworked by Michael Moynihan and N. Taylor.
Amazing apocalyptic/dark folk band by cousins Robert N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk.
Based on acoustic guitar ballads, combined with dark lyrics covering lost love, 
existentialism and the death of the West.
A far cry from sixties hippie idealism!

In The Woods... – HEart Of The Ages (1995)

Country: Norway

1. Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension 12:22
2. Heart Of The Ages 08:21
3. ...In The Woods 07:49
4. Mourning The Death Of Aase 03:32
5. Wotan's Return 14:50
6. Pigeon 03:00
7. The Divinity Of Wisdom 09:06

Pagan/avant-garde Black Metal from a band that tried to produce something different
from the typical black metal of the early '90s.
And ...yep they did it.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fiendish Nymph – The Sibyl Of Elikona (7'' EP 1998)

Country: Greece

1. The Drowning of Syring 05:55
2. The Sibyl of Elikona 07:56

Another 7'' EP this time from Fiendish Nymph.
The Greek band delivers atmospheric Black Metal with some folky parts,
praising Greek heathenism and ancient pride.
A must have for lovers of Greek Black Metal.
Cover scans included.


Bak De Syv Fjell – From Haavardstun (7'' EP 1997)

Country: Norway

1. From Haavardstun 04:37
2. De Siste Tanker 03:53

Norway's Bak De Syv Fjell offering 2 beautiful songs with Black Metal aesthetic
and clean vocals for this 7" EP.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Shinjuku Thief – The Witch Hammer (1993)

Country: Australia

1. Tollkorn 4:53     
    2. The Waltz Of The Midwives 02:42   
    3. The Witch Hammer 01:55   
    4. The Smell Of Nightfall 03:26   
    5. A Midnight Mass 04:05   
    6. Wolfzahn 04:52   
    7. Poena Damni 06:40   
    8. Trespassing The Gates 03:56   
    9. The Darkened Psalm 03:03   
    10. Totenheer 05:00   
    11. Burkhardt Of Worms 02:17   
    12. Flight Of The Screech Owls 03:52   
    13. Warm As Blood Beneath The Clods 05:10   
    14. In The Path Of Walpurga's Ashes 05:46

First part of the "Witch" trilogy.
Close the lights, light a candle and be prepared for this excellent release
by Shinjuku Thief mastermind Darrin Verhagen.


Horna – Haudankylmyyden Mailla (1999)

Country: Finland

1. Prologi 02:19
2. Yhdeksän Yö 07:48
3. ...Jeesuksen Verestä 04:54
4. Ylle Kuihtuneen Ajan Ajatusten 07:50
5. Kun Jumalan Sydän On Murskattu 04:49
6. (Kaiken) Kristityn Kuolema 05:38
7. Viimeinen Sielu Jumalan Valosta 05:14
8. Haudankylmyyden Maille 03:47
9. Hymni Tuomiopäivänä 06:07
10. Peikkomaille 05:43
11. Epilogi 09:04 

Finnish Horna with ,probably, their best album.
Amazing riffs, raw cold atmosphere and some of the best vocals in the genre.
Like someone wrote back in the days (and i totally agree with him),
if this had been released in early '90s we would be talking for a total classic.

Zero Kama – The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H. (1984)

Country: Austria

1. Death Posture 03:12     
2. Atavism Dream 03:52   
3. Night Of Matter 03:21   
4. Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome 03:55   
5. Love Alway Yieldeth 04:03   
6. Azure-Lidded Woman (Pregnant Womb Of Non) 03:50   
7. Hassan | Sabbah 04:03   
8. Starlit Mire 03:53   
9. Winged Eye Hadit 05:12   
10. Love Alway Hardeneth 03:58   
11. Town Of Pyramids (Night Of Pan) 03:28    

Early ritual industrial project of Michael DeWitt (Nekrophile Records).
Only "The Secret Eye of L.A.Y.L.A.H." and a few compilation tracks were ever recorded.
A planned release of a musical/ritual rendition of The Book Of The Law was planned,
but only one track ended up being completed.
Notes taken from insert:
"All instruments to be heard on this album were exclusively made from human bones and skulls by the hand of Zero Kama.
They never have been used since the time of its recording, which took place at the Secret Temple of Laylah from 5th to 28th of May 1984 e.v. Remixed at Psychonaut Studio Vienna in November 1987 e.v., and dedicated to the symbol of Laylah, meaning night and death, as well as to its numerical equivalent, Oz, a goat or unrestrained sexual force of creation,
thus showing the identity of the basic two opposite forces in this generous universe of beauty and strength,
in which the Lovers my find ecstasy in Pan.
Who wishes to enter this world of darkness, in which the Great Goat dwelleth,
may pass through the sigil of Oz given at the front of this Cover."