Sunday, 31 May 2015

Trelldom ‎– Til Et Annet... (1998)

Country: Norway

1. Vender Meg Mot Ett Kommende 03:41
2. Slave Til En Kommende Natt 05:44
3. Min Död Til Ende 05:00
4. Til Et Annet... 04:39
5. Til Is Skal Eg Forbli 04:08
6. Svinfylking - Til Krig 05:32
7. Höyt Opp I Dypet 05:10
8. Sonar Dreyri 10:49

Trelldom was founded by Gaahl (God Seed, Gaahlskagg) in Sunnfjord, Norway in 1992.
After recording the demo Disappearing Of The Burning Moon in 1994, 
the full length Til Evighet… was released the year after in 1995 by Head Not Found label. 
The current line-up for the ten last years has been Gaahl (vocals), Sir (bass) and Valgard (guitars) 
a line up that recorded Til Et Annet… in 1998, released through Hammerheart Records
and Til Minne… in 2007 an album that for several reasons was delayed from getting an early release.
Some of the material on this recording is dated back to the very beginning of Trelldom in 1992, 
and as on the previous recordings, Pytten at Grieghallen Studios is responsible for the production of the album.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Athamay ‎– The Pleasure Of Sin (1996)

Country: England

1. Dreams 04:27
2. Eternal Torture 03:53
3. Kiss (The Whip) 04:10
4. Falling 04:25
5. Domination 03:38
6. She 03:32
7. Crucifixion 04:46
8. Restrict & Obey 04:15
9. Caged 04:18
10. Hi-Tec Sex 03:44
11. Domination (New Alternatives 3 Mix) 03:36
12. Dreams (Ambient Mix) 04:16
13. Kiss (The Whip) (Analogue Mix) 04:13

Athamay formed in 1995 with Jess (vocals and lyrics), Sean (keyboards, programming and Bass) and Jo (keyboards). 
After a debut performance at Leicester's Hellfire Club in January 1996, 
the band signed to Nightbreed Recordings and recorded their debut CD The Pleasure Of Sin.
Their music is a subtle mixture between danceable rhythms and dark, melodious strings 
with influences from the European Electro Darkwave scene and their lyrics deal with fetish themes.
The meaning of the band name came from a book named The Ritual Magic Workbook 
and it means a witches sacrificial knife.
In late 1997, the band split from Nightbreed and had to have a break for contractual reasons.
In 2000 they released one album as Torturetekk entitled Reveling In Pervision.
A new Athamay album has been on hold for a while, due to unforeseen circumstances, 
with the band hoping to release it in the near future.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Allerseelen ‎– Sturmlieder (1996)

Country: Austria

1. Heiliges Blut 06:45
2. Storm 07:57
3. Traumlied 07:01
4. Dunkelgraue Stille 06:08
5. In Stahlgewittern 05:33
6. Sturmlied 07:37
7. Sehnsucht 04:42
8. Leichenfarbne Dämmerung 09:50
9. Wintersonnenwende 06:00
10. Heimat 06:03

Allerseelen is an experimental, post-industrial, folklore band from Hallstatt, Austria, lead by Gerhard Hallstatt 
(aka Kadmon) who has been active and innovative in the industrial and apocalyptic folk genre for many years.
The first releases were on cassette in 1987.
During the 1990s, Gerhard Hallstatt was also known for his Aorta and Ahnstern booklets 
and especially the ones that covered the Oskorei-Varg Vikernes subject and the band Blood Axis.
Allerseelen has performed in many European countries and the dynamic stage presence of the musicians on stage 
all contribute toward a unique mood of "Electronic Folklore" for these live performances.
The music is inspired by nature and has a strong philosophical/alchemical context 

inspired by the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Ernst Jünger, Carl Jung and Julius Evola.