Saturday, 31 January 2015

Absu ‎– In The Eyes Of Ioldánach (MCD 1998)

Country: United States

1. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. 03:27
2. Hallstatt 04:06
3. Manannán 05:31
4. Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle 04:26

Absu is an American band from Dallas, Texas.
Their demos and first album leaned towards death metal, but evolved more towards a black metal 
and thrash metal which includes elements of Celtic and folk music 
(and later, elements of jazz fusion, progressive rock and psychedelic music) 
which the band calls "Mythological Occult Metal".
Their lyrical themes are esoteric, including themes of Celtic, 
Sumerian and Mesopotamian myths and legends, alchemy, numerology, magick, and sorcery.
The band originally formed as Dolmen in 1989,
but this was changed to Absu in 1991.
The original members were Equitant Ifernain (guitars, bass, lyrics) and Shaftiel (guitars, vocals).
After recording two demos and an EP, they were joined by Proscriptor McGovern (Russ R. Givens – drums, vocals, lyrics).
They recorded four albums and an EP from 1993 to 2001. 
After the release of Tara in 2001 the band was put on hiatus as guitarist and bassist Equitant Ifernain and Shaftiel departed, citing musical differences and disinterest in the band, respectively.
In 2007, Proscriptor resurrected Absu, announcing a new line-up 
and a new (self-titled) album was released in 2009 followed by Abzu in 2011.
The band is currently in pre-production for their next album, titled Apsu.


Friday, 30 January 2015

Junior Homrich - Brian Gascoigne – The Emerald Forest (1985)

Composer: Junior Homrich - Brian Gascoigne

1. Main Titles / Tomme Goes Missing / Tomme And Kachiri 04:05
2. Tomme Searches For His Ghost Father / Bill Searches For Tomme 02:24
3. The Burning Of The Shabona / Wanadi's Death / The Moth At The Window 02:32
4. The Initiation Ceremony / The Trance Dance 04:06
5. The Jaguar Theme 00:59
6. The Rainstorm 02:10
7. The Burning Of The Dead 02:58
8. Inside The Dam / The Waterfall / The Burning Forest 03:11
9. Volupia 02:43
10. River Paradise 01:32
11. End Titles - Eagle Break 03:08

The Emerald Forest is a 1985 British film set in the Brazilian Rainforest. 
It was directed by John Boorman and it is based on a true story.
Junior Homrich was born in Porto Alegre and grew up in a forest reservation.
After high school he studied music in the United States, then returned to Brazil and played with the rock group Blitz.
He was hired to play percussion for the calisthenic exercises that John Boorman 
required of the cast to get in shape for the action and dance scenes. 
Boorman liked Junior's drumming so much that hired him for the soundtrack as well.
He used a vast array of percussion instruments including various hand drums, clay pots, seed shakers, rainsticks, 
flutes, pan pipes, berimbau and even his own body parts.
Brian Gascoigne worked with a Fairlite synthesizer to simulate the sound of the samponas, or Indian bass flutes. 
He also used marimba, and Joao Bosco contributes tabla and African percussion.
Released by Varese Sarabande and nominated for Best Score in the BAFTA Film Awards.


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Unholy ‎– The Second Ring Of Power (1994)

Country: Finland

1. The Second Ring Of Power 05:40
2. Languish For Bliss 04:40
3. Lady Babylon 03:55
4. Neverending Day 06:21
5. Dreamside 06:45
6. Procession Of Black Doom 05:38
7. Covetous Glance 06:15
8. Air 06:53
9. Serious Personality Disturbance And Deep Anxiety 07:32

Unholy was a Finnish avant-garde doom metal band. 
Formed in 1988, they were one of the first doom metal groups in their home country.
Unholy originally started as a black metal/doom metal hybrid under the name Holy Hell
After recording its first demo, "Kill Jesus", they changed their name to Unholy
The band achieved underground popularity with its next demo and the 1991 EP "Trip To Depressive Autumn", 
and signed with Lethal Records, an Austrian record label that released the band's first album, "From The Shadows", in 1993. 
Then signed with Avantgarde Music for the next album, "The Second Ring Of Power", 
but disbanded soon after its release in 1994. However, they re-formed only two years later.
Unholy released their last two albums, "Rapture" and "Gracefallen", also through Avantgarde Music
The band announced they were splitting up on March 25, 2002.
Jarkko Toivonen (guitars) is also member of Tiermes.