Thursday, 29 January 2015

Unholy ‎– The Second Ring Of Power (1994)

Country: Finland

1. The Second Ring Of Power 05:40
2. Languish For Bliss 04:40
3. Lady Babylon 03:55
4. Neverending Day 06:21
5. Dreamside 06:45
6. Procession Of Black Doom 05:38
7. Covetous Glance 06:15
8. Air 06:53
9. Serious Personality Disturbance And Deep Anxiety 07:32

Unholy was a Finnish avant-garde doom metal band. 
Formed in 1988, they were one of the first doom metal groups in their home country.
Unholy originally started as a black metal/doom metal hybrid under the name Holy Hell
After recording its first demo, "Kill Jesus", they changed their name to Unholy
The band achieved underground popularity with its next demo and the 1991 EP "Trip To Depressive Autumn", 
and signed with Lethal Records, an Austrian record label that released the band's first album, "From The Shadows", in 1993. 
Then signed with Avantgarde Music for the next album, "The Second Ring Of Power", 
but disbanded soon after its release in 1994. However, they re-formed only two years later.
Unholy released their last two albums, "Rapture" and "Gracefallen", also through Avantgarde Music
The band announced they were splitting up on March 25, 2002.
Jarkko Toivonen (guitars) is also member of Tiermes.


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