Monday, 14 July 2014

Implant Code ‎– Biodigit (MCD 1993)

Country: Croatia

1. Hyperspace Enter 05:28
2. Cerebroscope 04:47
3. Cybernauts 04:43
4. Pulse01 06:08

Implant Code is a project from Croatia that released a 4 track mini CD for the Minus Habens label in 1993.
The band consisted of Miljenko Rajaković, Mario Kalendarić 
(both artists are DJs and producers, with numerous releases throughout the 90s on various labels) and Vlado Knežević.
Miljenko Rajaković is also known from his dark ambient band
Biodigit includes four different cosmic voyages through unknown alien worlds.
This work shows an impressive vision on the theme, creating cold and lost conceptual experimental 
and electronic ambient structures, sometimes fused with mind-absorbing rhythms.


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Terra Serpentes (1997)

Label: World Serpent

Disk 1
1. Arkkon – T 2901E 06:04
2. Martyn Bates – Bahnhofstrasse 02:28
3. Chris & Cosey – One Minute More (Serpent Mix) 05:09
4. Coil – Heartworms 07:14
5. Current 93 – Frolicking 07:50
6. Bryin Dall – May You Never Be Alone Like Me 03:07
7. Death In June Presents Kapo! – Only Europa Knows 06:01
8. Roger Doyle – Dark Scenery Court Games 07:12
9. Elijah's Mantle – Wise Words Of Eve 09:57
10. In Gowan Ring – Still Water Bonne 07:05
11. Lemon Kittens – What The Cat Brought In 02:19
12. Loretta's Doll – Love Is Regret 04:26
13. The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud – Untitled 04:35
Disk 2
1. Nature And Organisation – By A Foreign River (The Longing For Mercy And Happiness) 04:33
2. Neither/Neither World – All's God's Dogs 05:01
3. Nurse With Wound – Window Of Possible Organic Development 08:47
4. Orchis – Come Unto Me 05:01
5. The Boyd Rice Experience – Music From The Movie Pearls Before Swine 04:12
6. Sand – On The Corner (Alternative Version) 05:20
7. Death In June Presents Scorpion Wind – Some Colossus 04:51
8. Shock Headed Peters – Oblivion Extract 10:40
9. Sol Invictus – Did You See 04:48
10. Somewhere In Europe – Oblique Realities 05:36
11. Strength Through Joy – Ways To Strength And Beauty 07:02
12. Tiny Tim – The Garden Of Your Heart, Turn Back The Universe, 

You Can't Get Loving Where There Ain't Any Love, A Thousand Love Songs 05:35
13. Zone – The Scavenging Soul 04:50

World Serpent Distribution was a British record label and music distribution house formed in the late 80s 
and was co-owned by David Gibson, Alan Trench and Alison Webster.
 Douglas Pearce of Death In June coined the company name in 1991, 
World Serpent being another name for Jormungandr.
 World Serpent was well known for distributing music by many post-industrial, apocalyptic folk, neofolk, 
avant-garde and otherwise esoteric or experimental artists, such as Death In June (through NER), 
Current 93 (through Durtro), Sol Invictus (through Tursa), Coil (through Threshold House),
Nurse With Wound (through United Dairies), Zone (through Potentia), Elijah's Mantle (through De Nova Da Capo), 
Orchis (through Cryptanthus), Ozymandias (through Ramses Records) and many others.
Many of these artists also ended up collaborating with or being influenced by one another, 
causing the World Serpent name to become synonymous with many of the artists and labels 
distributed through the company during the early 1990s.
World Serpent also functioned as a label, although they released very few records on their own. 
The vast majority of the releases they distributed were on other labels & imprints.
In August 2004 World Serpent went bankrupt and was no longer operating.


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Svartsyn ‎– Tormentor (7'' EP 1998)

Country: Sweden

1. Goat Throne 07:24
2. Throne Of The Antichrist 06:33

Svartsyn is a black metal band from Sweden, formed in 1991 as Chalice, but changed their name to Svartsyn in 1993. 
They recorded their first demo in 1994 and their first album in 1998. 
Draugen, ex-drummer of Dark Funeral, teamed up with original founding member Ornias in 1996 
and  after signing to Folter Records they released their debut album "The True Legend".
In 1997 Kolgrim (of Unpure) replaced Surth and in June Svartsyn released "Tormentor" 7” EP. 
From 1997 to 1998 they recorded their 2nd album entitled "Bloodline" at Sunlight Studios
which was released by End All Life Productions from Italy. 
In February 2000, Svartsyn recorded their 3rd album "…His Majesty" at Voisin Studios 
and they signed to Sound Riot Records for the release of this album.
Since then they released another four albums with Ornias being the only original member that is still in the band.