Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud – The Smell Of Blood But Victory (1997)

Country: Austria

1 - 24 Untitled 01:33:42

Founded in Austria in 1993, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud was a medieval martial ambient project 
formed by musician Albin Julius (also in Der Blutharsch) and vocalist Alzbeth.
The music was all created electronically, shifting in style from pure ambient soundscapes to pounding martial anthems, 
while the vocals ranged from soothing ethereal love songs to shouted declarations of war 
and European medievalism including ritual, clerical chants.
When performing live, the band often played in old churches, fortresses, medieval prisons 
and theaters that provided an appropriate atmosphere for their static, militaristic performances.
All the bands releases were through their own personal label Arthur's Round Table 
which was based in Switzerland, and distributed by World Serpent.
With each release the band presented themes traveling further into European history 
and becoming more martial, choral and bombastic in approach, culminating in their final album, 
the largely World War II-inspired The Smell Of Blood But Victory 
which was released as a limited edition box of 2000 copies including CD, a bonus MCD and a poster.
The group disbanded in 1998 after Albin's and Alzbeth's partnership broke up.
In 2000 Alzbeth released ART 13, which is a complete book of lyrics, photographs and references 
for the historical themes used by the band. This book is stated to be the final word in the project.
The Memory link contains also the book in pdf format.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Helios Creed ‎– X-Rated Fairy Tales (1985)


Country: United States 

1. The Descent 04:08
2. Un-Human Condition 03:33
3. Invitation 02:52
4. X-Rated Fairy Tales 04:20
5. Blood Red 03:02
6. Mystery Room 04:07
7. Showdown 02:51
8. Sex Voodoo Venus 04:32
9. Money Man 03:41
10. Johnny 03:52

Helios Creed is an American guitarist, singer and band leader. 
He first came to prominence in the mid-1970s with the San Francisco band Chrome
They are credited with being the godfathers of what later became known as Industrial Rock music. 
The band Chrome broke up in the mid-80s when founding member Damon Edge moved to Paris. 
Helios then recruited some local hard rock musicians and launched a solo career.
The music is usually mid-tempo to slow-tempo space rock, hard rock, acid rock.
Creed uses a large number of effects on his voice and his guitar, including echoes, 

phase shifters, flangers, guitar synthesizers, fuzz, and octave dividers.
X-Rated Fairy Tales is the debut album of the and it was released in 1985 on Subterranean Records.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lady Morphia ‎– Pangæa (MCD 1998)

 Country: England

1. My Kingdom 04:08
2. The Quest 03:59
3. Mysteries I Now Accept 05:07
4. Acies: Terra 04:40
5. The Onward March Of Destiny 03:23

Lady Morphia effectively began life in 1996 with the release of the five track cassette, "Tales From The Surgical Ward". 
Its nucleus consists of two brothers, Nick and Chris Nedzynski
Taking their name from a line in a poem by Robert Graves, the project’s debut embodied the initial realization of ideas 
with which founding member and multi-instrumentalist Nick Nedzynski had toyed since 1991.
From the days of the act’s earliest demos to its present compact discs, 
Lady Morphia’s music has always reflected the conflict between an imperfect world and the desire to transcend temporality.
To date, Lady Morphia have released two cassettes, one MCD 
as well as two critically acclaimed full-length albums, "Recitals To Renewal" and "Essence And Infinity". 
The band have also produced collaborative works with other artists, and have made contributions to various compilations.