Sunday, 13 September 2015

Helios Creed ‎– X-Rated Fairy Tales (1985)


Country: United States 

1. The Descent 04:08
2. Un-Human Condition 03:33
3. Invitation 02:52
4. X-Rated Fairy Tales 04:20
5. Blood Red 03:02
6. Mystery Room 04:07
7. Showdown 02:51
8. Sex Voodoo Venus 04:32
9. Money Man 03:41
10. Johnny 03:52

Helios Creed is an American guitarist, singer and band leader. 
He first came to prominence in the mid-1970s with the San Francisco band Chrome
They are credited with being the godfathers of what later became known as Industrial Rock music. 
The band Chrome broke up in the mid-80s when founding member Damon Edge moved to Paris. 
Helios then recruited some local hard rock musicians and launched a solo career.
The music is usually mid-tempo to slow-tempo space rock, hard rock, acid rock.
Creed uses a large number of effects on his voice and his guitar, including echoes, 

phase shifters, flangers, guitar synthesizers, fuzz, and octave dividers.
X-Rated Fairy Tales is the debut album of the and it was released in 1985 on Subterranean Records.

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