Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lady Morphia ‎– Pangæa (MCD 1998)

 Country: England

1. My Kingdom 04:08
2. The Quest 03:59
3. Mysteries I Now Accept 05:07
4. Acies: Terra 04:40
5. The Onward March Of Destiny 03:23

Lady Morphia effectively began life in 1996 with the release of the five track cassette, "Tales From The Surgical Ward". 
Its nucleus consists of two brothers, Nick and Chris Nedzynski
Taking their name from a line in a poem by Robert Graves, the project’s debut embodied the initial realization of ideas 
with which founding member and multi-instrumentalist Nick Nedzynski had toyed since 1991.
From the days of the act’s earliest demos to its present compact discs, 
Lady Morphia’s music has always reflected the conflict between an imperfect world and the desire to transcend temporality.
To date, Lady Morphia have released two cassettes, one MCD 
as well as two critically acclaimed full-length albums, "Recitals To Renewal" and "Essence And Infinity". 
The band have also produced collaborative works with other artists, and have made contributions to various compilations.

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