Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Nocturnal Majesty – Orgiastic Trilogy (1999)

Country: Italy

1. Aura Hate 04:51
2. The Trilogy Of A Star 04:59
3. The Whispering Voice Of Darkness 05:28
4. Neurotica 06:01
5. Splendid Horrors 10:51
6. The Devils Whore Symphony 03:07
7. Outro - Orgiastic Hymn 00:28

Nocturnal Majesty was an Italian (Florence, Tuscany) atmospheric black metal band that formed in 1998.
The band's only creation was a full-length album entitled "Orgiastic Trilogy
that was recorded in 1998 and relased through Unisound Records in 1999.
Nocturnal Majesty consisted of Acharach (Guitars, Drums), Vehenia (Keyboards) and Entities (Guitars, Bass).
The album featured some very good keyboard parts played by Vehenia 
who also contributed on the writing of the most songs.
All lyrics of the album were inspired by the "Necronomicon", "Satanic Bible" and "The Astral Magick Composition".
Acharach (died in 2008) was also an ex-member of Massacrator

a death metal band which evolved into Dark Lust in 1990 and finally into Necromass in 1992.

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