Friday, 29 May 2015

Allerseelen ‎– Sturmlieder (1996)

Country: Austria

1. Heiliges Blut 06:45
2. Storm 07:57
3. Traumlied 07:01
4. Dunkelgraue Stille 06:08
5. In Stahlgewittern 05:33
6. Sturmlied 07:37
7. Sehnsucht 04:42
8. Leichenfarbne Dämmerung 09:50
9. Wintersonnenwende 06:00
10. Heimat 06:03

Allerseelen is an experimental, post-industrial, folklore band from Hallstatt, Austria, lead by Gerhard Hallstatt 
(aka Kadmon) who has been active and innovative in the industrial and apocalyptic folk genre for many years.
The first releases were on cassette in 1987.
During the 1990s, Gerhard Hallstatt was also known for his Aorta and Ahnstern booklets 
and especially the ones that covered the Oskorei-Varg Vikernes subject and the band Blood Axis.
Allerseelen has performed in many European countries and the dynamic stage presence of the musicians on stage 
all contribute toward a unique mood of "Electronic Folklore" for these live performances.
The music is inspired by nature and has a strong philosophical/alchemical context 

inspired by the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Ernst Jünger, Carl Jung and Julius Evola.


  1. Thank you, I've been meaning to check out more of his Allerseelen recordings but have sort of kept forgetting about it.

    1. You are welcome Velkaarn, Sturmlieder is a great album.