Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Diamanda Galas – The Divine Punishment & Saint Of The Pit (1988)

Country: United States

1. Deliver Me From Mine Enemies 19:17
   I. This Is The Law Of The Plague       
   II. Deliver Me From Mine Enemies       
   III. We Shall Not Accept Your Quarantine       
   IV. Deliver Me       
   V. Yiati O Ozoe       
   VI. Psalm 22       
2. Free Among The Dead 13:36
   I. Psalm 88       
   II. Lamentations       
   III. Sono L'Antichristo       
3. La Trezieme Revient (The Thirteenth Return) 05:03   
4. E Ξελου Με (Deliver Me) 07:19   
5. L'Heauton Timoroumenos (1857) (Self-Tormentor) 06:49   
6. Artemis (1854) 05:02   
7. Cris D'Aveugle (1873) (Blind Man's Cry) 12:16

A fiercely confrontational avant-garde performer noted for her wailing, four-octave vocal range.
This shattering vocal style, is inspired by the Schrei ("shriek") opera of German expressionism
(a form employing a system of four microphones and a series of echoes and delays).
This release contains the first 2 parts of a complex trilogy (third and final part is "You Must Be Certain Of The Devil").
The texts from the first part (The Divine Punishment) are taken from the Old Testament
mixed with Galas's own cryptic lyrics, except 2-III ("Sono L'Antichristo").
In the second part (Saint Of The Pit) Diamanda's emotionally draining voice speaks for those who, like Jesus Christ,
were crucified because of their beliefs.The artist gives her voice to those who are afflicted with this slow, agonizing death.
 "Correct playback possible at maximum volume only."

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