Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ildfrost – Natanael (1997)

Country: Norway

1. Tatjana 01:57
2. Violetta 11:16
3. Alcides 03:00
4. Theseus 03:35
5. Cato 02:36
6. Maria 01:09
7. Abel 02:07
8. Kathinka 04:03
9. Enna Iram 03:18
10. Tratchaan 04:36
11. Hazrahm 01:30
12. Alexander 00:59
13. Tricia 05:34
14. Ariadne 11:24

Ildfrost were the first non-Swedish group on Cold Meat Industry label
Their music can be described as dark, frightening, but also challenging.
Never very active, and containing mainly subtleties, the music, while very soft and approachable,
is geared primarily towards a shift in your state of awareness, one of dreariness or oblivious withdrawal.
"Natanael consist of 13 names.Each and every name bears a secret life within itself, a story.
This story is not something permanent or concluded, the story is not ended when the person dies.
It's rather there it begins.Names are understood differently.
And when time changes the comprehension of a specific name,
only in that process does the name become a secret,and the secret a story."
A calm and relaxing album, with very dark atmosphere,
majestic recitatives and insane screams.

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