Sunday, 28 February 2016

Xharathorn – Immemorial Atlantic Veneration (MCD 1996)


Country: Spain

1. Immemorial Atlantic Veneration 04:35
2. The Triumph That Will Give Birth To The Uprising Golden Era (The Ultimate Reign Rises) 03:40
3. Poderes 04:36
4. In Diabolical Posse I'm Carried By The Stellar Storms 02:31
5. The Unheard Dismal Cry Of A Self-Abnegated Monarch 05:36

Xharathorn was a Spanish black metal band that was formed in 1992.
Their line up was: Sir Lucimrev (vocals), Iblis Trismegisto (guitars) and Lovhazhon (drums, bass).
In 1994 they released a rehearsal promo tape with four tracks.
The next year Sir Lucimrev left the band and was replaced by Goab.
In 1995 Xharathorn offered a live performance which was recorded on audio and video.
From this gig came up their "Iberian Wrath" live demo which featured six tracks of violent unholy black metal.
In 1996 they spawn their last effort the "Immemorial Atlantic Veneration" MCD.
After this release the band split up.

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