Sunday, 13 March 2016

Each Dawn I Die ‎– Notes From A Holy War (1995)

Country: Sweden

1. Talisman 09:24
2. Brethren Of A Dark Priesthood 12:58
3. Notes From A Holy War 05:09
4. Non Compos Mentis 10:00
5. Trader Of Life 21:34

Each Dawn I Die were Peter Nyström (Megaptera, Negru Voda and other projects) and Mårten Kellerman (Statemachine).
They released one album, "Notes From A Holy War" through the German label Dark Vinyl in 1993.
The album is taking inspiration from the witch trials of the 14th century and from the book "Talisman Of Death".
Dark orchestral pieces mixed with mid paced keyboard acoustic tunes with deep clean male vocals, 
movie samples and heavy bass kicks are the main ingredients that constitute the music of Each Dawn I Die.
A second more orchestral and medieval album entitled "Frozen Smiles On Faces Forgotten
was supposed to be released, also through Dark Vinyl
with Magnus Sundström (The Protagonist, Des Esseintes, Third Eye) replacing Peter Nyström but this never happened.
The original release packaging of  "Notes From A Holy War" incorrectly has the first two songs switched.

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