Sunday, 20 March 2016

Opertum – Forbidden Anthems (1999)

Country: Greece

 1. Lamentations In Crystal Temples... 03:41
2. Forbidden Anthems 07:40
3. Mesmerised By Nocturnal Breeze 06:32
4. Chorus Of Undying Desires 09:25
5. ...For The Forsaking Of Celestial Realm 03:00

Opertum was an atmospheric death metal band from Greece.
Created in 1997 by Michael K. (drums/vocals), Tilemachos B. (guitars),  
George M. (bass/backing vocals) and Nick Z. (keyboards). 
In 1998 they released their 1st promo-demo tape "Beyond The Shades Of Mystery
that recorded, mixed and produced at "Ν studios".
In 1999 while the band was in the middle of the composition of their 1st CD "Forbidden Anthems"  
George M. replaced by bassist Lord Satha of Dark Embrace.
Also at that time guitarist Kyriakos S. joined the band adding more melody and finesse.  
Thomas B. (ex-Evade, ex-Exhumation) and Vasiliki A. were the new season vocalists, 
resulting to the completion of the ¨Forbidden Anthems" album 
that recorded mixed and produced in "Underground Sound studio" by Sotiris N. (ex-Sarissa, ex-Anxiety) and Opertum.
For this CD there were participations of guest musicians such as Lina (keyboards, ex-Rotting Flesh),  
Athameron (vocals, Culto Apokrypho, Dark Embrace) and Mimis T. (violin). 
Unfortunately this album didn't released. 
After this Opertum changed for one more time their composition and their style of music 
adding more atmosphere and theatrical elements.
Their last album, called "Red", was completed with Michael K. (drums), Tilemachos B. (guitars/vocals),  
Aris D. (bass) Nick Z. (keyboards) and Vasiliki A. (vocals). 
"Red" recorded, mixed and produced by Fotis D. and Opertum in 2002 at "Studio Mix". 
Just after this album the band stopped its activity 
because of the different directions that members followed exploring other styles of music and ideas.

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