Saturday, 27 August 2016

Principia Audiomatica – Systematic Sonority (1995)

Country: Croatia

1. Selforganizing Homeostatic Systems 07:02
2. Holographically Connected System 05:33
3. Functionally Isomorphic Systems 12:18
4. Encapsulated Modular System 03:28
5. Cognitive Penetrating System 05:45
6. Interactive Quantum System 06:43
7. Central Nervous System 06:06
8. Closed Thermodynamic System 07:59

Miljenko Rajaković aka Dj Mary (co-founder of Implant Code project & electro-industrial DJ in various European clubs) 
and Siniša Očurščak (founder of the TeHÔM project on NER/World Serpent, professor of philosophy in Zagreb) 
were the active minds behind the Principia Audiomatica project.
 "Systematic Sonority" was their debut album for the Italian label Minus Habens Records in 1995, 
based on eight different notions of the environmental systems. 
This work shows an impressive vision on the theme, that lead to a complete development 
of the brilliant "Biodigit" MCD of Implant Code, creating cold and lost electronic ambient structures, 
sometime fused with mind-absorbing rhythms.
Siniša Očurščak died of cancer in 1997 while Miljenko re-activate the project in 2010 
and started working on a new material for an upcoming album release.

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