Monday, 2 September 2013

Nærvær ‎– Demonstration 95 (Demo 1995)

Country: Norway

1. Vage Tanker 00:47
2. Tenk Stille (Dagen Derp
å) 05:11
3. I Regn... 03:09
4. En Som... 08:51
5. Tenk Stille 02:58
6. Dvale 01:05
7. Da Skogene Brant... 04:17
8. Vemod 03:35

Nærvær was founded by Terje Sagen and Jan K. Transeth (best known as the main vocalist of In The Woods...
after Sagen left the metal group, Innhalator. The influences of Nærvær range from Nick Cave and Bob Dylan 
to bands like Suicidal Tendencies (even though these influences don’t necessarily appear in the music). 
The bands lyrics and philosophy mostly are related with the restoring of the balance between people and nature. 
The music has been described as neofolk, avant-garde, and experimental. 
Female vocals, flute, cello, contrabass and the distinguished voice of Transeth are some of the main elements 
that this demo has to offer. The core of the band has always been Sagen and Transeth
but other members include former members of In The Woods..., Green Carnation, and many other people.
The band has also released a 7'' ep in 1997 and a full-length album in 2001.