Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mnemonic – Shades From A Missing Epoch (Demo 1995)

Country: Sweden

1. Shades From A Missing Epoch 03:00
2. Sanguinary 03:25
3. Ledge Of Darkness 03:17
4. The End Of Humanity 02:57

The Swedish melodic death metal band Mnemonic was formed in early 1994 under the monicker Deformed.
In the summer of the same year Deformed released their first demo "Obsessed By The Past".
After their drummer and bass player quit the band the rest of the members changed their name to Mnemonic.
In 1995 Mnemonic with their new line up recorded their first demo entitled "Shades From A Missing Epoch".
Later that year a few other line-up changes occurred as well 
and finally in 1996 Mnemonic released their second and last demo entitled "While We Dream".
The band was put to rest some time in the year 2000.


  1. I also have tape rip of the While We Dream demo if you need it.

    1. Thanks a lot for this Borderline!
      But again i want to stick to my "one album per band" rule that i got since the creation of the blog (for now....).
      Feel free to post it on your blog or Metalarea and be sure that i am gonna be one of the first to downloaded it, since i enjoyed very much their first demo and for sure i want to here their second one also.