Friday, 27 February 2015

Borknagar ‎– Borknagar (1996)

Country: Norway

1. Vintervredets Sjelesagn 06:44
2. Tanker Mot Tind (Kvelding) 03:29
3. Svartskogs Gilde 05:52
4. Ved Steingard 02:14
5. Krigsstev 02:03
6. Dauden 05:49
7. Grimskalle Trell 05:38
8. Nord Naagauk 03:07
9. Fandens Allheim 06:19
10. Tanker Mot Tind (Gryning) 02:57

Borknagar was founded in 1995 by Øystein Garnes Brun, then a member of the Norwegian death metal band Molested
when he became tired of the brutal aspects of the band's music. 
Øystein formed Borknagar to explore a more melodic outlet of expression, inspired by the black metal movement 
Norway was experiencing and looking to push the boundaries of what was considered "traditional" black metal music. 
He wrote all of the music and lyrics, and gathered together an all-star group of black metal musicians to play in his band, 
such as Infernus of Gorgoroth, Grim of Immortal and Gorgoroth, and Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved
When Garm of Ulver and Arcturus joined the project, it brought the band immediate attention. 
Borknagar never recorded a demo, they simply asked for a record contract on Malicious Records 
and were granted their request based on the strength of this lineup. 
With their debut, self-titled album, the band began as a melodic Viking/black metal outfit, but with The Olden Domain 
and all albums following it, an evolution of a more progressive approach to Viking-themed metal began to appear.
Borknagar has released nine albums to date.