Sunday, 23 October 2011

John Williams – Images Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1972)

Composer: John Williams

1. In Search Of Unicorns 03:59
2. The House 02:37
3. Dogs, Ponies And Old Ruins 02:13
4. Visitations 02:52
5. Reflections 03:14
6. The Killing Of Marcel 03:12
7. The Love Montage 04:46
8. Blood Moon 03:15
9. Land Of The Ums 01:46
10. The Night Witch Ride 02:54
11. The Waterfall - Final Chapter 04:15

John Williams  is an American composer, conductor, and pianist. In a career spanning almost six decades, 
he has composed some of the most recognizable film scores.
In 1972 he composed the score for the psychological thriller "Images", 
directed by the American film director Robert Altman
(recorded in collaboration with noted Japanese percussionist, keyboardist and composer Stomu Yamashta).
Williams was inspired for the score by the "Sound Sculptures"
(metal and glass instruments) of Francois and Bernard Baschet.
As he described them: "They are stainless steel surfaces sculpted like floral petals.
Some of them are 16 feet high, they are prominent visual works. Vibrations from attachments of sawed off glass rods go through a wire and activate these planes of steel, making the most unearthly sounds, noises."
Bernard Baschet agreed to rent several of the sculptures with the condition 
only Stomu Yamashta would be permitted to touch them.
In addition Stomu Yamashta played conventional percussion instruments (timpani,hand drums,blocks, bells,marimba,Inca flutes and Kabuki percussions) while Williams orchestrated the entire score and played all the keyboards.
Watch the movie and enjoy this amazing darkly soundtrack.


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