Thursday, 20 October 2011

Clock DVA – Buried Dreams (1989)

Country: England

1. Buried Dreams 04:02
2. Hide 04:31
3. Sound Mirror 05:47
4. Velvet Realm 06:46
5. The Unseen 05:22
6. The Reign 05:29
7. The Act 05:23
8. The Hacker 07:25
9. Connection Machine 05:57
10. The Sonology Of Sex I 04:26
11. The Sonology Of Sex II (Le Comtesse De Sang) 03:45
12. The Hacker (Video Mix) 03:24

"Buried Dreams", a slow dark techno-minimal-electronic masterpiece, with bleak vocals, sexual samples 
and an atmosphere full of perversion and death.
Possibly the darkest album Clock DVA has released.
Many movie samples used here along with themes of mysticism, occult, sexual violence 
and murder ("The Sonology Of Sex Part I and II").
Also some more futuristic stuff in songs like "Sound Mirror" and "The Hacker".
It is said that this record was found in the apartment of Jeffrey Dahmer when FBI arrested him.
A classic in electronic music. A journey into your darkest dreams.



  1. Must check this out too, better late than not at all. Thanks!

    1. Great classic album, give it a try!