Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Nefilim – Zoon (1996)

Country: England

1. Still Life 03:38
2. Xodus 03:47
3. Shine 06:48
4. Penetration 03:31
5. Melt (The Catching Of The Butterfly) 05:02
6. Venus Decomposing 06:06
7. Pazuzu (Black Rain) 06:38
8. Zoon (Parts 1 & 2) (Saturation) 09:41
9. Zoon (Part 3) (Wake World) 05:28
10. Coma 02:38

Well, this is an album that made all "Goths" staring at it with their mouths open,
while a question mark was hanging above their heads.
Carl McCoy after the disbanding of Fields Of The Nephilim and a 5 year hiatus,
formed The Nefilim and released Zoon, going into more brutal musical fields.
The album is a move away from the rich soundscapes that characterized earlier works of 
Fields of the Nephilim, towards, a darker more industrial - Death Metal sound.
Dark atmospheric industrial parts, pleasantly distracting keys, thundering drums and metal-slashing riffs
mixed with the deep characteristic voice (almost death metal) of Carl McCoy.
Zoon is a concept album, and while McCoy remained largely silent about the themes,
one possible explanation is that the story revolves around the "Watchers" and the "Book of Enoch".
The word "Zoon" is derived from Greek, meaning "living creature-animal" or "beast".


  1. that one is an amazing album...a must have masterpiece!

  2. The mix between the goth rock, industrial, ambiant and trash metal influences is very interesting. Thanx

  3. Well when you've got to do with a Carl McCoy release then for sure it is gonna be interesting.