Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Esoteric – The Pernicious Enigma (1997)

Country: England

Disc 1
1. Creation (Through Destruction) 13:13
2. Dominion of Slaves 16:01
3. Allegiance 11:50
4. NOXBC9701040 12:48
Disc 2
1. Sinistrous 12:40
2. At War With the Race 02:52
3. A Worthless Dream 13:09
4. Stygian Narcosis 13:17
5. Passing Through Matter 19:15

Esoteric is a British band from Birmingham founded in 1992 that incorporates extreme Doom Metal
with distorted vocals and samples over slow paced, down-tuned riffs and atmospheric melodies.
The Pernicious Enigma is their second studio album (double CD) that was released in 1997 through Aesthetic Death Records.
Ultra slow Funeral Doom (also some faster parts or songs included),heavy rhythm guitars, using reverb and delay effects (creating a "psychedelic" dark ambiance feeling), shifting bass rhythms and low guttural vocals.
Nice usage of samples over tracks and some jazzy parts also exists in songs like "NOXBC9701040".
A very good album with a lot of dark noise elements ,heavy ambiance and power.

Part 1       Part 2

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