Friday, 13 January 2012

Thokk – Of Rape and Vampirism (1997)

Country: United States

1. Wolf-Hymn 06:05
2. Falling In The White Tempest 03:51
3. Of Rape And Vampirism 05:35
4. The Witch-Tower Of Vshanäad 05:26
5. In The Phantasmagoric Dimensions 03:13
6. Abscond To Nightmare Chasms 05:53
7. Come A Grimmer Presence 04:33
8. Haunted By Saturnian Phantoms (Abducted In The Cosmic Bog) 04:38

Lord Kaiaphas's (Thokkian Vortex, ex-Ancient, ex-Grand Belial's Key) project 
with the assistance of Thegn Damieus The Marauder on guitars.
Of Rape and Vampirism is the first and only full-length they released.
The material for the album came from their A Trance For The Ever-Toiling Witch demo which was recorded in 1995.
The album is separated in two Evocations. In the First Evocation (tracks 1-5) you can hear 
excellent fast Black Metal combined with Lord Kaiaphas's great vocals.
In the Second Evocation (tracks 6-8) the band is leaving Black Metal aside 
and goes into more experimental Dark Ambient - Industrial territories.



  1. link down but i would kile to share a mirror of this great piece!.

    1. Thanx for noticing this, i will try to re-up the album.