Monday, 16 January 2012

Eon Project – Brain Filter (1998)

Country: France

1. Intra Neutral Power (Evolution Mix) 08:26
2. Re-Struct (Electrodes Mix) 06:30
3. Frozen (Minimal Life Activity Mix) 04:34
4. Bio-Virtual (Biological Mix Pt 1) 04:48
5. Muta-Gen (Thermoplasmic Mix) 07:28
6. Poison Mind (Terminal State Mix) 05:58
7. Fear=Protein (Molecular-Incubation Mix) 05:27
8. Hydro-Sphere (Organic Life Form Mix) 06:56
9. Re-Struct (Reconstructed And Remixed By Spies) 06:33

Eon Project is a side-project of Kris Kylven.
Brain Filter is an album that has heavy industrial influences from bands like 
Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Juno Reactor and Killing Joke.
This is very hard, instrumental techno with an EBM touch, aggressive and dark all the way, with harsh beats, industrial sounds and occasional excursions into Dark Ambient territory.



  1. I don't like this one, but thanx!
    Keep on posting!

  2. Ok...anyway thanx for the comment!

  3. Recently I've been into this kind of material so this needs to be checked out. Thanks Panacea!

    1. I don't know if this is the kind of music that you are searching of Velkaarn but if you find what you are looking for in this band you should check also Spies and their album "Notinism" released in 2001.