Sunday, 22 January 2012

Goblin – Suspiria (1977)

Composer: Goblin

1. Suspiria 06:00
2. Witch 03:07
3. Opening To The Sighs 00:25
4. Sighs 05:10
5. Markos 04:00
6. Black Forest 06:00
7. Blind Concert 06:30
8. Death Valzer 01:50
9. Suspiria (Celesta And Bells) 01:30
10. Suspiria (Narration) 01:46
11. Suspiria (Intro) 00:30
12. Markos (Alternate Version) 04:10

 With Suspiria in 1977 Goblin created another intensely creepy atmospheric soundtrack 
for their cinematic alter ego, director Dario Argento.
The music is just as scary as the film itself, blending wailing electric guitars, whooping synthesizers, 
and screaming wordless cries into a spooky, bombastic sound that manages to be terrifying 
even without the benefit of the film's gruesome images.The title theme slowly builds a spooky riff on bells, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer until it erupts into a hard-rocking mid-section 
where nimble synthesizer solos spar with ghostly cries creating an unbearably high level of suspense.
The Memory link is for the 1997 CD reissue that contains four bonus tracks,
consisting of three alternate version of "Suspiria" and a slightly different version of "Markos".