Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sad Legend – Sad Legend (1998)

Country: South Korea

1. Han 05:19
2. Dawn of Despair 05:35
3. Nocturnal Cries of Agony 06:48
4. Utter Emptiness on the Dusk Fallen Lake 06:16
5. Realm of the Soulless 03:56
6. Reincarnation 04:51
7. A Funeral in Solitude 07:15

Amazing melodic Black Metal from South Korea.
Nice compositions, great guitar riffs that get stuck in your head immediatelly,
keyboard parts and a combination of harsh Black Metal vocals with some clean and ... soprano vocals (!),
all performed by Naamah.
Most tracks are following mid paced rhythms giving importance to the whole atmosphere of the album.
All lyrics are in Korean.

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