Saturday, 12 November 2011

Plecid – Plecid (1996)

Country: United States

1. Leaves 07:38
2. Leave 05:49
3. Mortified 10:55
4. Love 05:42
5. Laughing 04:35
6. Lob 06:11
7. Lom 07:54

Plecid's self-titled CD was the first release for the well known label Ajna Offensive.
There are not many infos about this band except that the man behind this is David Woodard.
The entire CD booklet is just a black cardboard and contains nothing but only the bands name in the front cover.
Even the tracks are only printed on the CD.
The band released three cassettes in the late 80's and participated in some compilations.
This is the CD version of their first cassette released in 1986.
Their style is a strange mix of darkwave, gothic rock, with an ambient touch.Very hypnotic in times.
A cult release full of mystery.



  1. Some nice darkish flowing instrumentals and some cool gloomy male vocals. I like the way the music plods along at times. Just has a great feel.

    1. Yes indeed!
      Check Plecid playing live in California, back in 1988, here:
      Thanks for your comment!