Monday, 9 May 2016

Jackal's Truth ‎– Promo 98 (Demo 1998)

Country: Greece

1. The Quest Of The Ultimate Knowledge 07:24
2. Acherontas 05:28
3. Fovos - The Two Horned Man (Bonus Track) 05:40

Jackal's Truth was formed in early 1996 in Larissa, Greece by Kostas (vocals/guitars) and George A. (drums).
In the summer Zacharias (guitars) and George (bass) joined the group to complete the lineup.
In the autumn of 1996 they went to the studio to record their debut demo "Dominus Silvae" which was released in 1997, 
with the help of Agapi (female vocals) and Grigoris P. (keyboards/sound engineer).
The respond that the band got for their demo was great and helped them to perform live 
with bands such as Rotting Christ, Kawir, Exhumation and other local bands.
After the demo was released, Stefanos (also member of Stardrowned) joined the band as their keyboard player 
while Greg replaced George on bass and the band went on and recorded their 2nd release, 
called "Promo 98" which was exclusively for record companies.
The tracks on the promo were more extreme, technical and melodic than the ones on the demo.
Unfortunately, Jackal's Truth didn't make it in time and the band split up in 2000.
The Memory link contains as a bonus the amazing track "Fovos - The Two Horned Man".


  1. thank you very much!I have never heard the bonus track!!

    1. You are welcome alex!
      I must admit that "Fovos - The Two Horned Man" track is one of their best,
      and possibly the last song that the band recorded(?)...
      Check them out performing it live here:

  2. Awesome!I used to be in touch with them back in the days... (neighbour cities).
    Ιt is a shame they didn't go any further and broke up.

  3. Hey thanks for this, I'm not sure I've actually even heard the promo but definitely not the bonus track!

    1. Thanks Velkaarn! A great band that i wish we had the chance to hear a full length album from them. Also for some strange reason i was always believed that their name (Jackal's Truth) was holding them back as it did not seemed to me suitable for this style of music.