Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Black Swan – When The Angels Of Twilight Dance (1998)

Country: Finland

1. The Tavastian Parade 07:41
2. Under Cloak And Hood 04:55
3. Into The Sea Of Sorrow 05:35
4. Autumn In Eden 05:54
5. The Withering Flower Of Life 05:01
6. Mist 02:21
7. To Behold The Sky Of Flames 07:50
8. When The Angels Of Twilight Dance 07:55

Black Swan started as a two-man project of T. Palokangas and J. Tuomivaara.
The band released ''Demo '96'' with T. Palokangas handling guitars and vocals 
and J. Tuomivaara handling keyboards and programming.
After the demo they decided to expand to a five-man set, 
mainly because of the impossibilities of playing a real live set with just two men.
A bit later Palokangas decided to concentrate mainly to the guitar work 
and Antti Haapapuro (also in Dolorian, Aeoga, Arktau Eos, Halo Manash and I.corax) joined the band as a vocalist.
In the summer of 1997 Black Swan started playing live shows steadily and recorded their second demo ''Autumn In Eden''.
In the fall they signed a record deal with Mastervox 
and one year later they offered their first full length album entitled "When The Angels Of Twilight Dance".
Ari Kukkohovi also provides live percussion for the bands Arktau Eos and Dolorian.

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