Saturday, 11 June 2016

Genitor Lvminis – Deam Adessa (10'' EP 1999)


Country: Germany

1. Untitled (Side A1) / Untitled (Side A2) 14:53
2. Untitled (Side B1) / Untitled (Side B2) 11:35

Genitor Lvminis was a project by Magnus Engwall, which began in 1997. 
The band produced dark ambient soundscapes with industrial and neo-classical influences.
"Heliokrator" (cassette limited to 50 copies) was their first release in 1998, 
followed by "Deam Adessa" (10'' ep limited to 500 copies) in 1999 that was composed by M. Engwall during 1998-99 
and packaged with a 10 page booklet, with photos and a promotional insert.
It was released by the German Stateart label and was inspired by the studies in the Tellurian path 
that connects together in a holy line to converge in the ever present Goddess of birth and death.
In 2004 the band released a mini cd entitled "Virgae" that contained two tracks.

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