Monday, 27 June 2016

Funeral Oration – Sursum Luna (1996)


Country: Italy 

1. Beltane's Night 07:47
2. Pregnant Whore 03:45
3. Intermezzo I 00:55
4. Me A Morte Libera Domine 05:07
5. Intermezzo II 01:09
6. The Age Of Apotheosis 04:15
7. Intermezzo III 00:47
8. Sursum Luna (Funesta Trilogia) 09:26
9. Intermezzo IV 01:11
10. Stigmata 03:26
11. Intermezzo V 01:25
12. Pagan Joy 07:34
13. Finale 00:51

Funeral Oration were a band from Italy, that formed in 1989.
They played a unique style of fast "technical" black metal with some atmospheric parts,
 that revealed a tight band with very strong compositions. 
Their line up featured Nick Curri on vocals, who wrote for the cult magazine "Flash" back in the early nineties, 
Malfeitor Fabban from Aborym (and Void Of Silence) on bass duties, some composition and lyrics, 
as well as Rodolfo Russo on drums and Luca La Cara on guitars and keyboards. 
The band started as a death metal act and after many line up changes they managed to release three demo's,
a vhs release and their one and only full length album  entitled "Sursum Luna" in 1996 through Avantgarde Music.

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