Saturday, 30 April 2016

En Nihil – Death Keeps (1997)

Country: United States

1. Final Bliss (Edit) 08:58
2. Blood + Bone 14:57
3. Fall 07:35
4. Open Your Eyes And See Death 12:41
5. Drift III 13:38

En Nihil (originally under the name Nihil) formed in 1994, in California, by Adam Fritz 
and over the course of 3 years from 1994 to 1997 created a substantial amount of music 
stretching into every subgenre of the experimental realm. 
Everything from tribal rhythms, ethereal drifts, dark ambient, chaotic harsh noise, death industrial, 
cut-up sound collages, field recordings and so on, all of them with a dark, emotional side 
ranging from minimalism to detailed, heavily layered and intricate productions to pure improvisation.
"Death Keeps" articulates a deep fascination with death, not the physical, but the emotional aspect 
and the fear of the most inevitable fate we will all share.
The album was recorded between October 1995 - October 1996 and released by Red Stream in 1997.
After 13 years of silence, En Nihil returned to recording in 2010, 
and has since unleashed a stream of albums, cassette releases and splits.

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