Thursday, 14 April 2016

Decree – Wake Of Devastation (1997)


Country: Canada

1. Delusion 04:27
2. The Last Day 04:29
3. Who Dares? 03:02
4. Fire Of Offering 05:04
5. Madness Unveiled 03:22
6. Talons Grasp 05:43
7. Never Nearer 04:35
8. Darkness Visible 06:20
9. Downward 04:28
10. Bitter End 04:45

Decree is a Vancouver based act currently consisting of Chris Peterson (Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Will), 
Ross Redhead and Sean Lawson.
This is the second incarnation of the band which was founded in 1991 by Peterson and John McRae
culminating in the duo's 1996 album, "Wake Of Devastation" that was released on Decibel Records and Offbeat Records.
1997 turned out to be a year of change for Decree as the original line up parted ways opening the door for Sean Lawson (vocalist) and Ross Redhead (guitar, bass, noise) to join Chris Peterson (keyboards) in Decree.
Throughout the following years tracks for a second album were recorded during brief periods of inactivity in between Chris’s obligations with the bands Frontline Assembly, Noise Unit, Pro-tech and Delerium
In 2004 "Moment Of Silence" was released on Metropolis Records in North America and Minuswelt/Musik Fabrik in Europe.
Decree's sound has varied a lot over the space of two albums.
"Wake Of Devastation" reminds at times Test Dept. with harsh dark ambient/noise/drone influences.
Their second offering, "Moment Of Silence" brings both beats and guitars into the mix that varies from drum and bass break beats to harder industrial metal-influenced pieces, with less in the way of the noisy drones.
Their third offering was the long awaited album "Fateless" which was released on May 2011 on Art Of Fact Records.
Once again Chris Peterson has managed to build a wall of pounding rhythms and angry noise industrial 
that expands on the sound of prior Decree releases while retaining the vision and sonic values 
that have earned the well deserved reputation as one of the heaviest bands in the industrial music genre.

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