Monday, 2 November 2015

Lunar Gate – A Secret Well Kept (Demo 1996)

Country: Ireland

1. Towards The Infinity 02:13
2. Wounded 05:45
3. Thoughts Beneath Hooves 01:21
4. Sandswept 02:21
5. Descending Upon Dark Waters 08:18

Lunar Gate was formed in 1996 by Emmett Rees in Arklow, Ireland.
The band released three demos, two EPs and one split with their countrymen Mourning Beloveth.
Emmett Rees was also behind a black metal band called Cernunnos and he briefly played guitar for the band Crom.
He also played session keyboards for Paul Kearns band, Arcane Sun, on their "Eden Eclipsed" demo 

and did a couple of gigs with them as a bass player.
Emmett was the main man behind Lunar Gate but he also had some guest appearances on a few of the tracks, 

at least on the two first demos of the band, featuring, among the others, Paul Kearns (Solstice, ex-Arcane sun
and Máirtín Mac Cormaic (ex-Waylander).
Musically "A Secret Well Kept" has nothing to do with metal. 

This is more of an ambient-atmosheric stuff that can be very hypnotic and trancending.